Self Hypnosis:
Relax, Listen &
Improve Your Life

Targeted meditation sessions to feel better about specific areas of your life. Mark's sessions have reached over 13 million people around the world following his partnership with British Airways.


Individual Hypnosis Audio Sessions To Improve Your Life

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Why would I want to use these sessions?

You know, right now, that there are certain areas of your life that if you were able to improve would be life changing for you.

Not only can Mark's sessions help you to achieve these changes, but he can help you do it by simply relaxing!

How Does it work?

Hypnosis is no longer a mystical entity, practiced by Svengali like individuals. Through research into the brain we now know exactly how it works and why it works.

By listening to my words it will start conditioning your thinking. These thoughts then create stronger neuropathways in your brain for the positive outcomes that you want to achieve. At the same time they weaken the neuropathways associated with behaviours that you want to eradicate.

Ultimately your new behaviour becomes wired into your brain and is a natural part of who you are.

Benefits of Mark Bowden's Hypnosis Audios

Save Time

Forget having to take time off work or drive to see a therapist. Simply listen in the convenience of your own home.

Hit Your Results Quicker

Going to see a therapist once a week / month can take time to see a benefit. With these hypnosis audios you can listen everyday. Conditioning that new behaviour or way of thinking quickly and easily.

Save Money

The Cost to see a good hypnotherapist is up to $300 per session (sometimes more). You can listen to your sessions over and over at a fraction of the cost.

... Choose your session

... Lay back an relax

... Start those changes!

Purchases of my Self Hypnosis sessions are provided as both MP3 Hypnosis Downloads as well as access to your session through the convenience of your mobile phone with my exclusive app.

Experience the benefits. These People did!


I've used Mark Hypnosis audio sessions for relaxation, help with anxiety and depression.It has been a really positive experience, hypnosis has acted as a support for me in difficult times and is something I use to help me cope with everyday life.The customer service is great, whenever I have a query I always get a swift response and whatever it takes to resolve it will be done.


I use these audio sessions when I have a few moments a day to regroup and relax.They are absolutely brilliant. Really enjoy the hypnosis and find it very easy to get relaxed and receptive.Mark and the audio hypnosis sessions are excellent. Brilliant customer service and great advise and guidance given by Mark. 5 star service!

Suzanne Katz

I use the sessions to cut out snacking, exercise more and try to lose weight.I've found them to be very effective. I’ve managed to correct my eating habits and do some gentle exercises. I’m making a point of going out to walk everyday.Very efficient.

Leyla Saadi

It was like my subconscious blocked my negative thoughts and fears


I've tried this session for the past two nights, and both mornings woke up muscles relaxed and without panic about my drive to work. It was like my subconscious blocked the negative thoughts and fears I usually have every morning. So weird, but cool! I'm now very interested in trying more of these for other anxiety issues.


Thank you So glad I found this or it found me


I am on day 2 of listening to Mark Bowden's audio overcome fear of driving. I listen to it at night when I go to bed, yes it puts me to sleep, but I still am getting the messages. I wake up more refreshed and not so anxious. I am not feeling afraid to get in the car. Vey optimistic at this point and will owe Mark so much gratitude once I am out and about in the snow!!!! Thank you So glad I found this or it found me. G


I'm a Believer


Thank you Mark Bowden for your help. First time listening I noticed how relaxed I was driving. I thought Wow that's so cool! I continue to listen and this week notice even more confidence in driving on the road. I am a work in progress but now I feel more hopeful I will get there. Haven't gotten back on the freeway yet but I'm taking each day as it comes.


Thanks MBH for changing my life


Thanks MBH for changing my life. With the now easy commitment to diet and exercise changing my life.

Trisha Roman

Telling all my patients!


Telling all my patients!

Lauren Ellie

Felt better after first listen


Love the voice, easy to listen too..and VERY powerful... after first listen I felt better...

Julie Hodgeson

Really helping


I bought Mark Bowden's hypnotherapy for weight loss and I think it is really helping. When I do listen to it I feel more motivated to exercise and eat right. I plan on buying some of his other cd's. They're great!!!

Kristy McLaughlin

Would Recommend highly to anyone


First time trying this. Would Recommend highly to anyone.

Adam Smith

Voice is amazing


One of the very few existing hypnotherapists who know what they're doing! Very efficient and super calming.. Me & my 12 yo-hormonal daughter love this!! THANKYOU 🙂 xox


A Hypnotherapist with Experience and A Passion

  • Qualified and Experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Over 100,000 sessions sold in almost 50 different countries
  • Amazon Best selling author
  • Producer of the first inflight hypnosis channel, produced in partnership with British Airways.

The First inflight Hypnosis Channel

Mark is proud to announce that he produced the first inflight hypnotherapy channel in partnership with British Airways. This has seen his self hypnosis audio sessions reach over 13 million people around the world every year.