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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Sep 28

14 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation


image of someone practicing mindfulness

Reading Time: 14 minutes What are the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation? After you’ve read the article why not check out my guided hypnosis sessions, that incorporate many elements of mindfulness meditation. Hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation. They all have similarities and cross overs, and in my hypnosis sessions I incorporate elements of each of these, to give you the benefits of […]

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Sep 01

Could your thoughts be causing your back pain?


Reading Time: 6 minutes Once you’ve read the following you might well see how hypnosis and guided meditation could potentially be brilliant to relieve your back pain. This article is going to show how there is evidence to suggest that it’s what is going on inside your mind that could be causing the physical pain in your back. I’ll […]

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