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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Jan 31

Using Hypnosis To Stop Drinking


hypnosis to stop drinking

Reading Time: 9 minutes Using hypnosis to stop drinking is a viable option for those who want to better their lives. Alcoholism is a disease that causes millions of deaths every year. Thousands of people around the world succumb to the effects of alcohol and suffer from alcohol poisoning each day. It’s estimated that more than 15 million people […]

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Jan 24

Hypnosis For Memory Improvement


hypnosis for memory formation

Reading Time: 9 minutes You might have heard that you can use hypnosis for memory improvement. Well, if you did, I’m sure you’re curious to find out how it works and what you improvements you can expect to see after following a hypnosis audio session. How Are Memories Formed? We can’t really get into how hypnosis for memory improvement […]

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Jan 17

Posthypnotic Suggestion – How It Works


posthypnotic suggestion

Reading Time: 8 minutes The posthypnotic suggestion is a tool often used by hypnotherapists to stimulate their clients into correcting their behavior. As you could probably tell from the name, the posthypnotic suggestion is an instruction the client carries out after the hypnosis session is over. If done correctly, posthypnotic suggestions will encourage you to correct your behavior for […]

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Jan 11

How To Be More Assertive


how to be more assertive

Reading Time: 12 minutes Being assertive means standing up for yourself and being direct about your wants, needs, feelings, and beliefs. Being assertive is not the same thing as being rude. In fact, assertiveness is a communication skill that allows you to impose your will in a way that’s respectful of the views and beliefs of others. Assertive people […]

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