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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Feb 26

Overcome Your Fear Of Being Judged


fear of being judged

Reading Time: 10 minutes Your fear of being judged can take hold of your life, and you go to great lengths to avoid the possibility of being negatively judged by others. In fact, for most people, simply telling the truth is rarely an option because that could affect the image of the persona they’ve built for themselves over the […]

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Feb 23

Test Anxiety – Learn To Overcome It


test anxiety

Reading Time: 10 minutes Test anxiety is the worst. You study hard for your exam or midterm, you walk into the exam class, and when you look at the test subjects, your mind draws a blank. You start sweating, and you feel a pit in your stomach. You worry about your test results even before you start answering the […]

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Feb 13

Hypnosis For Pain Management


Reading Time: 10 minutes Hypnosis for pain management has gained a lot of attention lately, mostly because people are more aware of how devastating long-term use of painkillers can be. Chronic pain can be debilitating because it affects both your professional and your social life. Using hypnosis to alleviate pain can not only eliminate the side effects produced by […]

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