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Nov 25

How To Properly Prepare Yourself For Self-Hypnosis


image of a woman meditating before bedtime

Since its discovery and adaptation into modern hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis has proven effective in helping people overcome several physical and psychological conditions, by enhancing the power of the mind. Just as its name suggests, while undergoing self-hypnosis, the physical presence of an expert will not be required. Thus, you would be the one to walk yourself […]

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Nov 14

Beat Seasonal Depression With Self-Hypnosis & Guided Meditation


Woman With Seasonal Depression At A Window

Also known as seasonal depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is fairly common all over the world. You find yourself hitting your lowest point. You lose interest in important activities, withdraw from social engagements, and sometimes find yourself contemplating suicide, all during a particular time of the year. Winter is coming, and while it is known […]

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