Monthly Archives: December 2019

Dec 30

Overcome Anxiety & Depression With Self-Hypnosis Downloads


Woman feeling anxious and biting her nails

With anxiety and depression boldly leading the way, mental disorders are very common all over the world and have been described as the leading cause of ill-health and disability globally. When they come, anxiety and depression hit hard and fast, and in those moments every bit of happiness, hope, and positivity flies off the window, […]

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Dec 13

What Happens To Your Mind & Body When You Have Insomnia


Woman Sat On Bed Due To Insomnia

Humans spend around one-third of their lives sleeping and when we sleep, our bodies get to work on things that they cannot during our waking hours. From muscle repair to memory consolidation to releasing hormones that regulate growth and appetite, the body uses the time we spend sleeping to give us the best chance of […]

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