About Mark Bowden

Mark is one of the most trusted mental performance experts in the game. 

He works with pro players from  Champions League and Premier Leaguedown to League 2 players who are serious about taking thei game forward.

Best Selling Author

Mark continues to work personally with Premier League, Championship and other pro players, to help them realise their potential and play the best football of their careers.

Helping them to improve their football psychology or their football mindset is only a very small part of what he does.

Mark frequently appears in the media and his best selling book, Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game, is helping thousands of pro and amateur players reach their peak – some refer to it as their football bible.

Discover your Elite Football Brain


Mark utilises complex ideas around psychology, psychotherapy and neuroscience. He takes away the mystery and fluff, allowing players, managers and clubs to finally fully understand and access the most important and under-used ‘muscle’ in football. The brain.

Mark is totally committed to the success of his players

“All of my players know exactly what to do to perform to their very best consistently.
They see real and big results that transform the rest of their careers.” – Mark Bowden

Your Secret Weapon

Mark Bowden regularly appears as a football expert in the media, including TalkSport with Jim White and Simon Jordan, Sky Sports, and in various newspapers and podcasts…

But despite the mass media coverage, all of the work he does with his pro player clientele stays highly confidential, unless they, themselves want to speak about their work with Mark.

Mark Bowden is used to dealing with Top Secret information with his background as a covert operative in elite law enforcement, with security clearance to the highest level in UK government. So you can be assured that your confidentiality is protected at all times.

Mark Bowden has also advised Nike in a consultancy role to assist them and their elite athletes.

By utilising Mark Bowden’s techniques to control your brain, you can gain more understanding and power over your game – and life – than you ever thought possible.


My Former Life vs Cartels & Gangsters

My former life was spend as a covert operative with various drugs teams in the capital. My work with the Serious Organised Crime Agency & the National Crime saw me leading teams in the field targeting organised criminal groups bringing vast quantities of cocaine and heroin into the UK.

My work was fast paced and I was taught to be able to manage myself to perform to my best in highly stressful environments, which is exactly the same expectation of a footballer on match day.

I have BSc & MSc in Criminology which gave me a good grounding in psychology. I also have qualifications in the field of psychotherapy and brain based therapy.

The combination of my experience and my studies has enabled me to get a pragmatic understanding of the brain when it comes to football performance, and the approach a player needs to take to perform consistently to his best.


Mark Bowden’s work on human behaviour and performance has garnered rave reviews as pro players have discovered the brilliant improvements it has made to their career and their game.
Many have even said it’s life-changing!

Learn to access the the performance parts of your brain at will, to create the career that you’re truly capable of.

Attract the attention of the best teams and get the contract offers that these new performances deserve.