About Mark Bowden

Who is Mark Bowden?

Mark Bowden is a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mental Performance Consultant. 

He is the author of a best selling book on the brain and mental performance. 

He regularly appears in the media for his expert views on the topic of mental performance.

Mark's Back Ground


Law Enforcement

Mark spent more than a decade as a covert operative for some of the UK’s most elite law enforcement agencies, helping to dismantle some of the biggest criminal networks operating in England & Wales.

During this time Mark spent time in various stressful environments where high levels of performance were essential. 

It was here that Mark was trained and gained valuable experience of how to operate in highly stressful environment to achieve operational objects.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Mark has helped tens of thousands of people to overcome various issues and excel with their life. This has been through his personal work as well as his self hypnosis audio sessions which reach millions of people around the world each year

Premier League Football Players

Mark’s personal work is now exclusively with professional football players at the highest levels of the game. Helping them to get an understanding of their brain from a performance perspective. Then to condition this so that high levels of performance are consistent and automatic.

Mark utilises elements of hypnosis/hypnotherapy as well as brain based therapy, psychotherapy, psychology and other influences in his work

Mark's Influence





Why You Can Trust Mark Bowden

Mark has a long career as a law enforcement officer and now transfers his high degree of transparency and evidence based work that he does now.

When Mark was in these roles he was security cleared to the very highest levels (Develop Vetted). The UK government trusted Mark with Top Secret material and he takes that same amount of trust into the work that he does now.

This is why companies such as British Airways and Nike have entrusted in Mark’s services on mental performance and hypnotherapy/hypnosis. 

It is also why he is regularly contacted by the mainstream media for his expert opinion.