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Nov 17

Mindful Eating – A Guide To Healthy Weight Management


Illustration of woman meditating on mindful eating

Struggling to fit into your dream dress or cannot find the right size for the prom outfit you have been eyeing? It is frustrating when your body weight keeps you from feeling beautiful and confident. Excessive body weight gives rise to low self-esteem and body image disorders, and may cause individuals to feel unwanted and […]

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Oct 29

Hypnotherapy FAQs: Does Hypnosis Work To Stop Drinking?


Man Drinking Beer with several empty bottles in the foreground

>> Free Guided Self Hypnosis Session & Details of Life Changing App Does hypnosis work to stop drinking? Believe it or not, hypnosis is an effective treatment for alcohol abuse when performed by trained hypnotherapists. Alcohol dependency, or alcoholism, is a growing and increasingly challenging issue in America. According to one survey, over 15M American […]

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