Can Hypnotherapy Help With Anxiety & Depression?


Sep 02
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The short answer is yes; hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and depression, as well as a wide range of other mental health conditions. When carried out by a trained hypnotherapist, clinical hypnotherapy can have incredibly impressive results and has been known to help reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. In fact, according to Anxiety UK, it can be quicker and more effective than other, more traditional treatments.

One way in which hypnotherapy helps with anxiety and depression is by making it easier for individuals to analyse their thoughts and identify triggers. When hypnotised, people find it easier to explore memories and feelings in ways that they might not usually view them, and this alone can bring both clarity and comfort. Because of this, hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular part of clinical treatment plans, as it complements other anxiety and depression treatments by helping individuals open up.

Though still considered an ‘alternative therapy’, the benefits of hypnosis when it comes to patient analysis are widely recognised and commonly employed by therapists. Having said that, hypnotherapy can also be used to actively treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. For instance, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is a tried and tested treatment that can be used to help alleviate physical pain as well as address emotional issues.

Over time hypnotherapy treatments can help those with anxiety and depression remain in control when they begin to feel panicked or overwhelmed. Suggestion therapy and similar treatments are able to help some people change how they perceive and respond to a certain stimulus, which can make a real difference when it comes to managing anxious moments and stressful situations.

Can Hypnotherapy Cure Anxiety & Depression?

While hypnotherapy is capable of helping individuals diagnosed with depression and anxiety to manage their condition, it cannot be called a cure in the strictest sense. As part of a comprehensive psychotherapy plan, however, Hypnotherapy can do a lot to improve a person’s mental health. The discoveries made through analysis can contribute to greater self-awareness and a more positive outlook, while those who receive active treatments may find it easier to cope with challenges that arise in the future.

Those who benefit from hypnotherapy will be better equipped to manage potential triggers as they arise, making them more likely to avoid bouts of depression and anxiety. Mitigation and limitation is the name of the game, however, and any improvement seen should be considered a sign of success. That being said, suggestion therapy and similar solution-based treatments work by addressing the cause of anxiety and depression, rather than the symptoms. Because of this, the result of these treatments can be incredibly profound.

Have You Considered Self Hypnosis For Anxiety & Depression?

An incredibly practical and cost-effective option, self-hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular due to its utilitarian nature. With self-hypnosis, things can be done according to each individual’s preferred pace, rather than a therapist’s work schedule, and it can be done anywhere and at any time, so there’s no need to book time off work. It’s also considerably cheaper than visiting a hypnotherapist, as a single session in the UK will cost you a minimum of £50.

Unfortunately, hypnotising yourself is not straightforward and that is why a lot of people rely on audio aids to assist them. Self-hypnosis mp3 are amongst the most popular audio aids available today, as they are quick and easy to download and can be listened to through various devices. If you choose a self-hypnosis download from Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy, you’ll also be able to access the session through our app.

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Who Is Mark Bowden?

anxiety panic hypnosis downloadsAll of the hypnosis downloads available through our app or from our website have been created by Mark Bowden. Accredited with the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Mark is also a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. He has worked closely with celebrities, business leaders and professional athletes, and also produced the first-ever inflight hypnotherapy session in partnership with British Airways.