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Mar 17

Six Surprising Things Self-Hypnosis Can Be Used To Help

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post hypnotic suggestion are included in audio sessions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since its official recognition in the late 1700s, hypnosis has shown to be effective far beyond mere relaxation. It has been employed in the management of several physical and psychological ailments, including addictions, phobias, chronic pain, anxiety, obesity, and much more. In the mid-1800s, James Braid spearheaded the birth of self-hypnosis, which is becoming increasingly […]

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Mar 09

7 Effective Ways To Manage Your Fears & Phobias


Snake On A Hand - 7 Effective Ways To Manage Your Fears & Phobias

Reading Time: 4 minutes The world we live in is full of uncertainties and fearing these uncertainties is perfectly natural. Everyone has, at some point, been plagued by a little bit of fear, however, when we allow this feeling to overwhelm us, the consequences can be far-reaching and profound. Mild fears become intense phobias when they are not put […]

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Jan 15

6 Ways To Get The Very Most From Self-Hypnosis Downloads


Woman Listening To Self-Hypnosis Download

Reading Time: 4 minutes So, let’s say you’ve been looking forward to taking care of some personal situations such as weight gain, low self-esteem, addictions, pain, et cetera, and you’ve decided to give self-hypnosis downloads a shot. For every regular person, one key question will always be: “how do I get the best results from this?” Indeed, from afar, […]

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Jan 07

The Connection Between Guided Meditation & Weight Loss


A Woman Standing On Scales To Measure Her Weight Loss

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s proceed by taking a quick look at weight gain and obesity. Based on statistics by the World Health Organisation (WHO), worldwide obesity has almost tripled since 1975. While obesity may appear on the far end of weight gain, it only begins with just an extra pound of fat. However, weight gain and its health […]

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Dec 30

Overcome Anxiety & Depression With Self-Hypnosis Downloads


Woman feeling anxious and biting her nails

Reading Time: 6 minutes With anxiety and depression boldly leading the way, mental disorders are very common all over the world and have been described as the leading cause of ill-health and disability globally. When they come, anxiety and depression hit hard and fast, and in those moments every bit of happiness, hope, and positivity flies off the window, […]

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Nov 25

How To Properly Prepare Yourself For Self-Hypnosis


image of a woman meditating before bedtime

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since its discovery and adaptation into modern hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis has proven effective in helping people overcome several physical and psychological conditions, by enhancing the power of the mind. Just as its name suggests, while undergoing self-hypnosis, the physical presence of an expert will not be required. Thus, you would be the one to walk yourself […]

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Oct 31

Get a Confidence Boost with Mark Bowden Hypnosis Downloads


A woman exuding self confidence

Reading Time: 5 minutes When you take a quick look at every successful person you admire, you realize that one of the things that make them stand out is the level of confidence that radiates from them. Confidence is the key that unlocks your full potential, allowing you to go for your goals, spread positive influence, and live a […]

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Oct 25

Enhance Your Guided Meditation With Self-Hypnosis


Guided Meditation Using Self-Hypnosis Audios

Reading Time: 2 minutes Capable of helping you achieve new levels of well-being and consistently improving your quality of life, the benefits of guided meditation can hardly be overestimated. However, when carried out alongside regular self-hypnosis, the beneficial effects of guided meditation are even more potent. Self-hypnosis is the process by which an intense level of focused awareness is […]

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