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Oct 10

How To Stop Worrying: 12 Strategies To Gain Peace Of Mind


A woman out in the forest whose mind is disintegrating because she hasn't learned how to stop worrying.

Reading Time: 12 minutes Do you want to know how to stop worrying so that it no longer interferes with every aspect of your life? Worry often starts out innocently enough, with just one niggling thought about what you should do tomorrow. Soon, those thoughts build up into a raging torrent of existential despair. Before you know it, you […]

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Mar 17

Six Surprising Things Self-Hypnosis Can Be Used To Help

Advice , News

post hypnotic suggestion are included in audio sessions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since its official recognition in the late 1700s, hypnosis has shown to be effective far beyond mere relaxation. It has been employed in the management of several physical and psychological ailments, including addictions, phobias, chronic pain, anxiety, obesity, and much more. In the mid-1800s, James Braid spearheaded the birth of self-hypnosis, which is becoming increasingly […]

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Feb 14

Ten Ways To Build Your Confidence & Self-Esteem


Ten Ways To Build Your Confidence & Self-Esteem Blog Banner Image

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the words of Maxwell Maltz, author of Psycho-Cybernetics “Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on.” The above quote is incredibly resonant, as your confidence and self-esteem is simply your opinion about yourself and your capabilities. While you may be willing to go hard at your goals, your self-esteem is […]

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Jan 31

10 Ways To Make Sure 2020 Is The Year You Quit Smoking


hypnosis to quit smoking can help you overcome your addiction

Reading Time: 8 minutes While blowing the horns of doom and gloom is not the nicest thing to do around someone struggling with addictions, it is hard to ignore the fact that smoking is dangerous. Whether you smoke to deal with stress, feel good, or kill time, each drag you take brings you closer to trouble. According to reports […]

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Dec 20

How Does Self-Hypnosis & Guided Meditation For Weight Loss Work


Weight Loss Scales

Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s dive into this subject with a case study. In February 2019, Georgia Keating, who works at a beauty retail store, went viral for recording an outstanding success with weight loss. Georgia, from London, was diagnosed with chronic depression and an eating disorder in her teenage years. As a result of binge-eating, her body size […]

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Dec 13

What Happens To Your Mind & Body When You Have Insomnia


Woman Sat On Bed Due To Insomnia

Reading Time: 4 minutes Humans spend around one-third of their lives sleeping and when we sleep, our bodies get to work on things that they cannot during our waking hours. From muscle repair to memory consolidation to releasing hormones that regulate growth and appetite, the body uses the time we spend sleeping to give us the best chance of […]

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Nov 14

Beat Seasonal Depression With Self-Hypnosis & Guided Meditation


Woman With Seasonal Depression At A Window

Reading Time: 4 minutes Also known as seasonal depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is fairly common all over the world. You find yourself hitting your lowest point. You lose interest in important activities, withdraw from social engagements, and sometimes find yourself contemplating suicide, all during a particular time of the year. Winter is coming, and while it is known […]

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Jul 16

Triple Impact Series – Self Hypnosis at the Cutting Edge of Science


triple impact self hypnosis

Reading Time: 7 minutes Triple Impact Series Brings Self Hypnosis into the Modern DaySelf hypnosis audio sessions have been the same for decades. Yet whilst hypnosis downloads and audios have stagnated, brain science most certainly has not! CHECKOUT THE TRIPLE IMPACT SELF HYPNOSIS SERIES. Over the past 20 years our knowledge into the brain, through neuroscience has accelerated faster than at any […]

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