Deep Relaxing Hypnosis for Happiness and Positivity


Mar 07
Build Confidence
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Make sure you are comfortable and ready to relax. Take any extra support you need, any pillows or blankets, and bring the body into a position where you feel like you can rest without being disturbed by any physical discomfort. Watch as the breath naturally begins to slow down, and feel the body becoming heavier with every exhalation.

Reduce Stress

Notice the small movements that happen in the body as you begin to relax more and more deeply. Feel the tiny movements in the muscles as they begin to unwind, and as any stored up tension is released. Feel the body becoming heavier and heavier. Bring the awareness into the feet, and feel the muscles in the feet relaxing, the feet and the toes becoming relaxed… and the ankles, feel the ankles releasing and relaxing… the lower legs… feel the lower legs relaxing… and the knees… the thighs… the legs are relaxed, feel the legs completely relaxed.

Bring the awareness into the hips, and feel the hips relaxing… and the lower back… the middle of the back… the upper back… the shoulders… feel the abdomen relax… and the chest… the upper arms… the elbows… the lower arms.. the wrists… the hands… and the fingers… all completely relaxed, the arms and the hands completely relaxed. Feel tension leaving the neck as the neck relaxes and the head becomes heavy… feel the face soften…. the eyes, nose and mouth all relaxed… and feel the whole of the body completely relaxed… the whole of the body completely relaxed… the whole of the body completely relaxed.

Relax Your Whole Body

Inhalation And Exhalation

Bring awareness to the breath. Watch the natural inhalation and exhalation, feel the natural flow of the air coming in and going out of the body. Imagine that the air is glowing with bright, golden, shining, positive, happy light. Each time you breathe in, golden light enters into the lungs, illuminating the lungs with a shining, happy light, and as you exhale, the lungs continue to glow… golden and bright… Now watch the breath illuminate the whole of the body.

As you breathe in, feel the breath moving from the tips of the toes to the top of the head, filling every cell of the body with radiant, happy light… and as you breathe out, the breath moves from the top of the head back to the tips of the toes. Keep watching the breath, breathing happy golden light from the toes to the head on the inhalation, and from the head to the toes on the exhalation.

Deep Feeling Of Joy And Happiness

Create a vision in your mind of a situation where you felt full of joy and happiness. You could remember a time when you felt wonderfully happy, or you could imagine a situation where you would feel happy and joyful. Allow this experience to fully arise all around you. Notice your environment, where you are, the objects, the colours, and the smells… make the experience vivid so that you feel as if you are there right now. And bring your awareness to the deep feeling of joy and happiness inside of yourself that this situation is inspiring you to feel.

Notice where you feel this happiness inside your body. This is your own happy feeling that you can return to at any time, whenever you need it. Focus on the happy feeling wherever you feel it in your body. Now watch as the happiness takes on a colour… a joyful and happy colour… and watch as the colour expands into the whole of your body.

Peacefully Body Glowing

Feel Joyful Energy

Feel the colorful happiness radiate into the right hand, filling the right hand with joyful, happy energy, and illuminating the hand with your happy colour… and the right wrist… the right arm… and the right shoulder… see the whole of the right arm bathed in joyful energy, radiant with your happy colour.

Feel the happiness in the left hand… the left wrist… the left arm… the left shoulder… and the top of the chest, the top of the chest radiant with happy energy… feel it move down over the whole of the chest…. and the whole of the abdomen…. the right leg… happy energy radiating down the right leg, from the right hip… through the thigh… the knee… the lower leg… the ankle… the foot… and the right toes…. the whole of the right leg radiant with happiness… and the left leg… the left hip… the thigh… the knee… the lower leg… the ankle… the foot… and the toes… all of the left leg radiant with joy and happiness. Feel the joyful energy at the head… and the face… the eyes… the ears… the cheeks… the nose… the mouth… the chin… and the jaw… all glowing with your radiant colour, glowing with joy and happiness… and see the whole of body glowing in your happy colour, feel every cell of the body filled with joy and happiness.

Spend A Beautiful Day

Now feel the happiness expand out of the body and into the bed so that the bed, too is glowing with your happy colour… and out into the room so that the whole of the room is filled with happiness, shining in your happy colour… the whole of the room filled with joy.  Watch the happy energy expand outwards from the room, and fill the whole of the house… see the whole of the house filled with your happy colour… the whole of the house filled with happiness and joy… And see the happy energy radiate outside of the house, and into all of the places you spend time in… perhaps the houses of friends and family… a workplace… and anywhere you love to visit… watch the colourful, energy shine around every place, happy and joyful.

Positive Light 

Imagine that you are about to walk up a high hill. It is very early in the morning, and it is still dark. You hope to reach the top for the sunrise. The full moon shines brightly in the sky, giving you enough light to see the way before you, and the blanket of sparkling stars fills you with enthusiasm. You begin walking along a narrow path, it is steeper than you imagined and, realising that you cannot see the top, you begin to wonder if it is really possible that you will make it there in time.

But deep inside, you know that you will be able to do it, and so you continue to walk with determination. As you walk along, you see something shining on the path before you… a bright, sparkling stone. You pick it up and hold it in your hand. The colour is so beautiful, and the sparkling light so radiant, that it fills you with joy and positivity. As you hold the stone, you feel its positive light entering your body and filling you with a joyful, positive feeling, and you know for certain that you will be able to reach the top in time to see the sunrise.

Guided Meditation to Physical and Emotional Healing

Feel A Sense Of Hope

You keep the stone with you as you continue the steep walk uphill. It seems that the path becomes steeper and steeper, and as a cloud crosses over the moon, everything becomes dark, and you wonder again if you really will be able to reach the top. Feeling the positive power of the stone in your hand, you feel a renewed sense of hope, and slowly, step by step, you begin to walk on.

You notice that it is gradually becoming light, and you are able to see the path in front of you a little more clearly. Relieved, you see that there are just a few steps to go until it becomes less steep, and as the path levels out, you turn a corner. It becomes brighter still, and to your delight, as you turn the corner, you see that the hill is covered in beautiful, colourful flowers.

Imagine A Wonderful Scenery

You are filled with happiness at the scene and walk along joyfully, letting the wonderful scenery fill you with more joy and happiness. As it continues to get lighter, you see that the top of the hill is not far away, and you know for certain that you will get there by sunrise. Suddenly the path stops before you, and there is nothing but thick grass, stones and rubble.

You do not know how you are going to make it the rest of the way and consider for a moment that you might have to walk back down. But something inside of you tells you that you are going to get there and that you have not come all this way for anything. You still have the stone in your hand, and you feel its positive light entering your body.

Wonderful Scenery

Imagine The Top Of The Hill

Knowing that there must be a way, you look around yourself for inspiration, and there you see it! You now know exactly what you need to do to reach the top, and you find that you are effortlessly able to do those things to get yourself there. Everything you need is available, and you do what you need to do with ease, and soon you successfully find yourself approaching the summit.

As you reach the top of the hill, you are filled with happiness. You sit on a large rock and look towards the horizon. The sun is just beginning to rise, and golden sunlight is beaming into the sky. You watch the sun slowly rising, filling the sky with light and illuminating the whole of the landscape around you. As you feel the warm sunlight touch upon your body, you are filled with joy and happiness. Watching the beautiful scene around you, you feel at peace and abundantly happy.

Positive Outcomes

Imagine that you are standing before a door. On the other side of the door is a situation in your life that you wish to bring more positive energy into and more happiness. It can be any kind of situation… a problem, a relationship, an upcoming event… anything at all… become aware of what this situation is, and before you go through the door, take a moment to ask yourself what the most positive possible outcome for it could be.

What would this situation look like if it were at its happiest and most positive potential? What is the best thing that could happen?  If you need it, remember the stone from the hill, and feel it in your hand, radiating its positive energy into your body. Now open the door, and step into the situation. See yourself living through this situation in the happiest and most positive and beneficial way.

Feel  The Real Happiness

Watch everything happen in the best way that you could imagine. And feel the happy energy in every moment, in every interaction, bringing yet more joy into the situation. As you watch the situation coming to a close… to its best and most positive conclusion… remember if there was a specific moment that brought you the most happiness or that felt the best in some way.

Real Happiness

Imagine that you are back in that moment. Feel the joy of it, and notice where in your body you feel that happiness. Feel the joy and happiness expand into the whole of your body, and then feel it radiate out into the room around you… if there are any other people with you, watch the joyful, happy energy envelop them… and feel the whole of the room radiant with joy and happiness. Watch it expanding further… into the rest of the building… and outside…. watch the happiness expand over the whole of the area…. and out into the whole of the world… so that everywhere is radiant with joyful, happy energy.

Now Feel Your Positivity

Bring into your awareness another situation in your life which you would like to bring positive, happy energy into. Imagine the situation all around you… notice where you are, the objects, other people… And then remember the positive, happy energy you have already felt within yourself. Feel it again, inside your body, and watch it fill the whole of your body. Radiant, happy, joyful energy. Notice what colour it is, and see the whole of your body filled with this happy colour.

See yourself in the situation, filled with happiness and positivity, and feel your happiness radiating outwards into the room, to anyone else who is there. Watch the happy colour fill the whole of the space, so that the whole scene is glowing in your happy colour. Feeling yourself filled with joy, and repeat to yourself mentally: “I radiate joy and positivity. I radiate joy and positivity. I radiate joy and positivity.”

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