Detachment from Overthinking Sleep Hypnosis – 8D Immersive Audio


Dec 21
depressed Asian woman in deep many thoughts, having problem with over thinking
Reading Time: 8 minutes

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Self Hypnosis Guided Meditation Script for Detachment From Overthinking Sleep Hypnosis

Introduction to Hypnosis Script

Hello and Welcome to this relaxing and comforting self hypnosis guided meditation experience. A powerful experience that has been designed to help you drift into a blissful nights sleep… and at the same time…. Help you to detach from any overthinking and any negativity that this can bring…….Do not listen to this whilst driving or doing anything that you cannot safely do with your eyes closed… and this is the 8d Immersive audio version of this session, where it will feel like my words are all around you… to give you a truly wonderful and immersive experience…

Before you begin, take some time to make sure that the body is settled and comfortable. Just take a moment to make yourself really comfortable, finding the position your body most wants to be in, where you can just let go and relax without being disturbed by any physical discomfort. Take the time to do all you can to encourage the body to be at peace, knowing that when the body is peaceful it will be much easier for the mind to become peaceful.

Close your eyes, and as the eyes close feel the cares and worries of the day begin to drift away.

Closing eyes

Now feel the body becoming heavy as you relax even further. Watch the body become more and more relaxed with every exhalation. Feel all the places where the body connects with the surface beneath you, and every time you breathe out, feel that the body sinks even more deeply. The body becomes heavier and heavier with every exhalation. Each time you breathe out, any stored tensions are released as the body becomes more and more deeply relaxed. Exhale to feel the toes relax…. exhale, the feet relax… exhale, relax the ankles… exhale, the calves relax… exhale, the knees relax… exhale, relax the thighs… exhale, relax the hips… exhale, relax the lower back… exhale, relax the abdomen… exhale, relax the upper back… exhale, relax the chest… exhale, the shoulders relax… exhale, the arms relax… exhale, the hands relax… exhale, the neck relaxes… exhale, the head relaxes… exhale, the face relaxes… exhale, the whole of the body relaxes. Exhale, the whole of the body relaxes.

Exhale, the whole of the body relaxes.


As the body relaxes, notice how the mind also relaxes, as any thoughts and worries melt away with the exhalations. Just watch the thoughts as they begin to slow down… and if something is persisting that’s okay… just let it be there and keep watching. There is nothing you need to be doing right now but resting, and you can let any persisting thoughts be there without feeling disturbed or distracted by them. Just let them be…and watch as the mind naturally slows down and becomes more spacious.

Any thought you might need later or tomorrow will be there when you need it, but for now just watch the mind slowing down and the body relaxing. And as we count down from ten, the mind becomes more and more restful… ten…thoughts slowing down… nine…watching the mind become more spacious… eight…knowing that this is your time to rest… seven, allowing the mind to slow down… six… remembering that all thinking can happen later if you need it… five…the mind and the body becoming deeply restful… four…allowing the mind this time for deep rest and rejuvenation… three…thoughts becoming more spacious… two…the mind is relaxed and the body is relaxed… one…the mind and the body are deeply relaxed. The mind and the body are deeply relaxed.

The mind and the body are deeply relaxed.

See yourself sitting in a place of natural peace and beauty. You could remember a place you’ve been to that was tranquil and peaceful, or you could imagine somewhere that you would like to be. Feel yourself sitting in this peaceful, quiet environment; and as you breathe in, feel that you are breathing all of that peace and stillness into your body, and as you breathe out the body becomes even more relaxed as the thoughts slow down even further. Inhaling peace, exhaling to relax the body and the mind.

Bring the awareness into the feet, and feel that the feet and the toes are relaxing. Feel the ankles relax… and the lower legs… the knees… the thighs… the hips are relaxing… and the lower back, middle back, and upper back… and the shoulders… the arms… the hands and the fingers. Feel tension leaving the neck… and the back of the head… the top of the head…. relax the face… feel tension leaving the eyes, the nose, and the mouth…the chest is relaxing… and the abdomen…. feel the legs becoming heavier and heavier… and the feet becoming heavier with each exhalation….

Now feel each of the toes relaxing, one at a time, the right big toe, second toe, third toe, fourth toe and fifth toe, and the left big toe, second toe, third toe, fourth toe and fifth toe…. Feel the bottom of the right foot relax, and the bottom of the left foot… the top of the right foot and the top of the left foot… the right heel and the left heel… Feeling the legs relax… the right calf and the left calf… the right knee and the left knee… the right thigh and the left thigh… Relax the right hip and the left hip… the right side of the back… lower back, middle back and upper back… and the left side of the back… lower back, middle back and upper back… the right shoulder-blade… the left shoulder-blade… the right shoulder… the left shoulder… the right upper arm, elbow and lower arm… and the left upper arm, elbow and lower arm… the right hand and the left hand… the right fingers one, two, three, four, five… the left fingers one, two, three, four, five… The back of the head… top of the head…forehead… the right eyebrow… the left eyebrow… the space between the eyebrows… the right ear… the left ear… the right cheek… the left cheek… the nose… the upper lip… the lower lip… the chin… the jaw… the right collarbone… the left collarbone… the right side of the chest… the left side of the chest… the right side of the abdomen… the left side of the abdomen…. the whole of the right leg… the whole of the left leg… the whole of the right arm… the whole of the left arm… the whole of the right side of the body… the whole of the left side of the body…. and the whole of the body… relaxing the whole of the body. The whole of the body becoming even more deeply relaxed.

Imagine that you are sitting on a riverbank, surrounded by beautiful flowers. It is a calm and peaceful day. The sky is a clear blue without a cloud to be seen, and a gentle breeze brushes against your skin. You watch butterflies flutter around you. Watch the river gently flow by you are filled with a sense of peace and calmness. Aware of all the different colours and types of flowers around you, and you notice one in particular that you especially like. Gently picking the flower, filled with gratitude for its beauty.

As you hold the flower in your cupped hands, you feel a thought or worry that has been bothering you float out of your head and into the petals, and you know that the flower is going to take care of it for now, and that if you need it in the future it will come back to you… but right now you can give it to the flower. And then you place the flower into the river and watch it float off as the water gently carries it away, and you feel your mind become a little clearer.  Choose another flower and do the same, sending a thought, worry or problem out of your mind and into the petals,and watching it float away on the river. Do this again as many times as you need… send all of your troubling thoughts into the flowers and watch as each one as it is gently carried away.


Sitting on the riverbank, you watch the water run gently past you, and you enjoy the colourful scenery… the grass and the flowers, the trees, the butterflies… and you feel the calm of nature filling the whole of your body. As you breathe in, the peacefulness fills the whole of the body from the toes… into the feet… through the legs…. the hips… the back… the abdomen and the chest…the shoulders… arms… hands and fingers…the neck… the head… the face… the whole of the body is filled with peace and tranquility. The whole of the body is calm and peaceful. Bring the awareness into the heart, and feel this peace filling the heart, so that the heart is radiating peace and tranquillity… inhaling calm, exhaling to relax.

Now remember a time in your life when you felt at peace and at ease. Remember a time when life flowed smoothly through you, and everything felt as if were happening naturally. A time when there was no need to worry about a thing. And if you can’t remember a time then imagine a situation where you would feeling peaceful and at ease. Bring up this situation vividly, and feel this sense of peace and ease arising throughout the whole of the body. Bring the awareness into the heart and allow this deep inner peace to be amplified by the heart, so that the heart is radiating deep peace.

Keeping the body full of peace, and with the awareness at the heart, we’re going to move into a new situation. Hold this sense of peace within you as you see yourself approaching a future event which you may have been thinking about or worrying over… watch yourself move into this event, and see how easily and naturally you are able to deal with whatever arises. Watch natural solutions arise in your mind as and when they are needed, and see how your inner calm extends outward to everyone else involved, so that the whole situation flows freely and peacefully. Obstacles come and go, but you are able to deal with them spontaneously and efficiently. Your inner peace carries you through, and your mind produces all of the solutions exactly when they are needed. As you reach the end of the event, you leave satisfied that everything has run smoothly and naturally.


Now approaching another event… it can be anything, big or small, but something which has been occupying your mind… holding your inner peace inside your body, watch yourself entering this event and watch it flow naturally, easily… watch how calmly you move through it….and you leave it satisfied with the outcome, still filled with deep peace and calm.

Imagine again that you are sitting in a place of natural peace and beauty…, perhaps somewhere you remember, or perhaps somewhere imagined. Notice the calm tranquillity of the place entering through all of your senses. Become aware of what you can smell… hear… taste…. feel the feeling of the air upon your skin… and notice the scenery around you. Let the body become enveloped with the deep peacefulness of the beautiful place. Breathe this peace into the toes… the feet… the ankles… the lower legs… the knees… the thighs… the hips… the abdomen… the chest…. the lower back… the middle back… the upper back…. the shoulders…. the upper arms…. the elbows… the lower arms… the hands… the fingers… the head… the face… the eyes… the nose… the mouth… and breathe peace into the heart… and the whole of the body. Breathing deep peace into the whole of the body. The whole of the body is peaceful. The mind is peaceful. Breathe peace into the whole of the body. The body and the mind are peaceful.

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