Enhance Your Guided Meditation With Self-Hypnosis

By Mark Bowden | Advice

Oct 25
Guided Meditation Using Self-Hypnosis Audios
Capable of helping you achieve new levels of well-being and consistently improving your quality of life, the benefits of guided meditation can hardly be overestimated. However, when carried out alongside regular self-hypnosis, the beneficial effects of guided meditation are even more potent. Self-hypnosis is the process by which an intense level of focused awareness is achieved, keeping the mind open and suggestible to positive thoughts, without the direct involvement of an external influencer. While self-hypnosis and guided meditation are different, they share some interesting similarities that make them capable of working together to create the best possible results. Both put a lot of emphasis on your ability to create and plant visualisations into your mind to achieve your desired results, and they do not need the physical presence of an expert to be successful. In addition to this, self-hypnosis aids guided meditation in the following ways:
  • It helps to tailor guided meditation to suit specific goals: In its purest form, guided meditation is done to simply empty the mind of thoughts, but there is no specifically defined goal associated with it. However, self-hypnosis helps to provide structure and shape it to suit several specific objectives.
  • Self-hypnosis speeds up the process: For people who find it challenging to empty their minds, self-hypnosis is always a great way to help them achieve their objectives faster.
  • With the incorporation of self-hypnosis, you’ll be able to cover a wide range of mental health issues within a shorter time.
Originally, you’d need to learn and master how to induce a hypnotic state by yourself to be able to take advantage of self-hypnosis. However, achieving a hypnotic state has become much easier and more convenient through the use of mechanisms such as hypnotherapy audio recordings and self-hypnosis downloads (like those found on markbowden.com). Each recording contains targeted guided meditation and self-hypnosis sessions and will help you achieve the long-lasting changes you want to see in yourself. Guided meditation has helped numerous people lead happier, more fulfilled lifestyles. It has continued to establish itself as a way of life for many people as it continues to prove its effectiveness in relieving anxiety, depression, and several physical and mental conditions. Furthermore, self-hypnosis has also shown to be a great tool in ensuring that we get the most out of guided meditation. So, if you are not currently giving either a try, now is the perfect time to consider doing so.

Self-Hypnosis Downloads & Guided Meditation Audios By Mark Bowden

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Since all of the self-hypnosis downloads & guided meditation audios available through our website and on our app have been put together by Mark Bowden, we think it’s only right that you know a little bit about him. Based in the South West of England, Mark has been accredited by the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and is also a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. He has worked closely with celebrities, business leaders and professional athletes, and also produced the first-ever inflight hypnotherapy session in partnership with British Airways.
Mark Bowden
Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Mental Performance Consultant. He is a best selling author and works with Premier League Football players on mental performance.