Guided Meditation to Physical and Emotional Healing


Mar 03
Guided Meditation to Physical and Emotional Healing
Reading Time: 8 minutes

As you prepare for your relaxation, it’s important to make sure that the body is comfortable and in a position that you can lie in without feeling any discomfort. So make any final adjustments you need to make so that the body can truly settle. If you need any extra pillows or blankets then take the time to get whatever you need, so that the body can fully relax and welcome in the deep healing. As the body becomes more settled, become aware of all the small movements that happen as you begin to relax even further.

Full Body Relax

Feel all the tiny movements in the muscles as they start to let go and release… watch the breath slowing down… and the heartbeat slowing down… bring the awareness into the feet, and feel the feet relaxing… and the ankles… the legs… notice how relaxed the legs have become. Feel the hips relaxing… the back… the abdomen… the chest… all let go. Feel the shoulders relax… and the arms… the hands… the fingers…. Feel the neck relax… the head… and the face… feel the tension leaving the face as the eyes, nose, and mouth soften and release.

Enjoy Experience Of Falling Asleep

Naturally Exhalation

And every time you exhale, notice how the body becomes a little heavier as if it is melting into the surface below. Feel the support of the surface beneath you, and know that you are safe to let go even more, that the body can just surrender into the surface… relaxing… letting go.

As the body continues to relax, notice how the exhalations naturally begin to lengthen. Become aware of any sounds that you can hear… perhaps sounds from far away… or from closer, inside the room… or even the sounds of your own body, of the breath and of the heartbeat… and welcome in every sound, with the understanding that they are all serving to help you to rest even more deeply.

Deep Rest…

And know that there is no right or wrong way to rest. You can let my voice guide you, or you can drift away and let the process happen all by itself. Know that deep rest and healing are available to you right now and that all you need to do is to just be, and allow the process to happen. There is nowhere else you need to be right now, nothing else you need to do, no one to please, no other obligations… you are free to just rest, and let the relaxation guide you to a place of deep physical and emotional healing.

Feeling of Safety

Now allow arising a feeling of safety and well-being. You could remember a time from the past when you felt safe and well, or you could imagine a situation where you would feel safe and well. Let yourself become fully immersed in this experience, feeling everything that is around you, and bringing the feeling into the body, so that the whole of the body can relax into this sense of safety and wellness. Know that this is your feeling that you can return to it at any time. Complete safety, absolute well-being.

Imagine Your Healthiest

Bring into your imagination a picture of your best and healthiest self. Watch yourself living your life freely and with abundant energy. See yourself doing anything that you want to do with ease, gracefully moving through every area of life with the strength and vitality to overcome any challenges. Imagine what it would feel like to feel one hundred percent healthy and whole, and watch yourself living it. There is no limitation to what you can do and achieve. Repeat to yourself mentally: “I am healthy, I am well, I am whole. I am healthy, I am well, I am whole. I am healthy, I am well, I am whole.”


Breathing Like a Wave

Bring the awareness to the breath, to the natural inhalation and exhalation. Imagine that the breath is like a wave, washing over the body. When you breathe in, the wave washes from the feet up to the top of the head, and when you breathe out it washes from the top of the head back to the feet. Each time you exhale, the wave washes away any stored up tension from the body, and you feel all of the joints and muscles relaxing more and more deeply. Imagine that you are floating in an ocean of golden, healing light.

Feel The Golden Light

The powerful light surrounds the whole of the body, and you feel any negative thoughts or emotions disappearing in it’s presence. Feel the golden light entering into the body through the top of the head, and as it enters the head, the head is filled with healing energy. The golden light moves down into the face, filling the face with radiant, healing energy… and the neck… the shoulders… the arms… the hands… and the fingers are all filled with radiant energy, glowing with golden healing light. The light fills the chest and the abdomen… and moves into the legs… the ankles.. the feet… until the whole of the body is filled with powerful, healing, golden light… and any pain, tension, or discomfort disappear in its presence, as the whole of the body is brightly illuminated with golden, healing energy.

Waterfall of White Healing Light

Remove Negativity

And if there is a specific body part that you feel needs extra healing, then send the awareness to that place now, and feel the golden energy illuminating that body part with healing light. Do this with as many places as you need, allowing the healing light to remove any pain or negativity, and to bring love, health, and radiance into every cell of the body.

Healing Journey

See yourself standing in front of a gate. Behind the gate is a path that leads over some grassy fields, and up a large, green hill. You know that this journey up the hill will be a healing journey for you, and, before you open the gate, if there is any specific wish you have for healing… for a body part, an illness, or perhaps an emotion… bring the intention into your heart that this journey will be healing for that issue. When you are ready, you open the gate and step onto the path.

Feel Your Body Healthy

You are surrounded by lush green grass and there are trees, flowers, and birds all around the fields. The sky above you is blue with just a few white clouds in the sky, and as you walk along, feeling the earth under your feet and the gentle breeze against your skin, you feel that the support of the earth is with you for your journey. You walk along happily, knowing that nature is helping you to heal, and with every step, you feel your body become healthier, stronger, and filled with vitality.

Release Discomfort

The path begins to wind up the hill, and as you begin the ascent you notice the sky becoming darker. Grey clouds appear above you, and you feel the first sprinkles of raindrops on your skin. To your surprise, the rain does not feel cold but is light and refreshing, and as the rain becomes heavier and pleasantly washes over your body, you feel it taking away everything you no longer need. Physical pain and discomfort, illness, negative energy, and troublesome emotions are all washed away, and you continue to ascend the hill feeling lighter and lighter as the rain cleanses your body, mind, and spirit.

Enter Into the Rainbow

As you approach the top of the hill, the rain begins to soften and you feel warm rays of sunlight bathe your skin as the sun re-emerges from behind the clouds. Suddenly there appears a large rainbow on the path before you, and you enter into the rainbow and receive wonderful healing benefits from each of the colors.

Red and Orange

Beginning with red… you feel red surround all of your body bringing you strength and courage, and you breathe this red deeply into you, feeling it enter all of the limbs, the joints, the organs…then you move into orange, and surrounded in orange you feel passion and creativity, and breathe the orange into the whole of the body.

Yellow and  Green

Next, you enter yellow, and the yellow light all around you brings you willpower and focus… you breathe in the yellow light, feeling it enter every single cell. Moving into green, you are filled with a deep feeling of love, and you breathe this love into the body, allowing it to nurture you on every level.

Blue and Indigo 

As you pass through to blue, the blue light that surrounds you brings clarity of expression, and the capacity to speak your truth, and you breathe it in…blue light filling the whole of the body.  Stepping through to indigo, the indigo light fills you with clarity of thought, and you gratefully welcome it with every breath.

Violet Light

And then you reach violet, and as the violet light enters your body you know you are receiving all the healing you have been looking for, as every cell, every bone, every joint, every organ… is nourished with healing, violet light.

Healing Crystal

You exit the rainbow feeling refreshed and renewed. It is not far to the top of the hill, and as you make the final steps you look down at the path in front of you and see a small shining crystal. You pick it up, and feel warm energy radiating from it. This is a healing crystal, that can help you in any way you need it. You bring the crystal to the place on your body that you feel needs it the most and hold it against that body part.

Deep Peace

Wonderful, warm energy radiates out of the crystal into the body, and you enjoy receiving the healing energy and are filled with a sense of deep peace and well-being. You keep the crystal with you. It is yours to use any time you need it. Any time there is something you need to heal, you can bring the crystal to that place, and feel the healing energy warm and nourish the body.

Body Deeply Relaxed

Stand at the Top of the Hill

It is now only a few steps to the top of the hill. As you reach the top, you are filled with joy as you look at the vast landscape around you. You can hardly believe how far you have come, and as you admire the view, you realize how strong and healthy your body feels, what an abundance of energy you have. You stand at the top of the hill, feeling the bliss of the moment, full of health, vitality, strength and wholeness, knowing you have received the healing you needed and that all of you is well.

You Can Do Anything

Bring into your mind a vision of your healthiest and best self – a version of you that can do anything you want to with ease and with abundant energy. Watch yourself achieve everything you want to achieve and experience life without obstacles or limitations. Now watch your healthiest self moving into a familiar event that you usually find difficult, perhaps which is physically or emotionally challenging for you.

Repeat to Yourself ‘ I am well

Watch your healthiest self move into this familiar situation, and see how easily and capably you are able to move through it. Bring this healthiest and best self into as many situations as you want, and see how naturally you can achieve everything you wish. There is no limitation to what you can do, you are filled with unlimited energy, health, and vitality. Repeat to yourself mentally three times: “I am healthy, I am well, I am whole. I am healthy, I am well, I am whole. I am healthy, I am well, I am whole.”



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