Guided Sleep Meditation for Peaceful Deep Sleep


Mar 09
Enjoy Experience Of Falling Asleep
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As you begin to prepare yourself for your long and peaceful sleep, take some time to make sure that your body is really comfortable. Arrange the pillows, sheets, and blankets in the coziest possible way, and move around as much as you like until you find a position that feels so good that you feel like you could sleep in that position all night without moving, or that perhaps your position is so comfortable that you might even forget that the body is there at all. And if there are any more adjustments, any small movements that would make you feel another five or ten percent more comfortable, then make those now.

Reduce Tention And Worries

Feel the body beginning to settle and relax, and as the body begins to relax, notice how the mind is starting to slow down as well, and the thoughts are becoming quieter. Watch the breath naturally becoming longer and deeper, and feel how with every exhalation the body becomes heavier, and comfortably melts into the supportive bed below it.

Feel how, with every exhalation, any tension or discomfort in the body begins to unwind and release, as you become more and more relaxed.  And as you continue to relax, know that this relaxation is naturally going to progress into sleep, so there is no need to worry about if and when you will fall asleep, it will happen quite easily, all by itself, when the body and the mind are ready. Know that there is no pressure to fall asleep right away and that you can simply enjoy this process of falling asleep, letting my voice guide you into a long and deep night of peaceful rest, knowing that you will naturally drift off to sleep when you are ready.

Choose The Bedding

Notice the meeting points between the body and the bed. Bring the awareness to these points, and watch each point become heavier with every exhalation. With the support of the mattress beneath you, the body can let go even more, and melt away into the bed. Feel the support of the bedding against your skin, and cocooned within the soft, cozy bedding, know that you can safely drive away into your deep and restful sleep.

Breathing Exercises For Better Sleep

If there are any external sounds happening around you, notice these sounds, and let your awareness rest upon each of the sounds. There is no need to become involved in thinking about where they are coming from, just be aware that they are there, and know that they are going to help you to rest even more deeply. Know that any external sound that occurs will encourage you further into your relaxation.

Sleep Hygiene

As you feel the body continuing to relax, imagine that you are already asleep. Feel how quiet and still the body becomes when it is sleeping… just watch the body, as if it is fast asleep. Completely still, restful, and at peace. And watch how the mind is becoming still as the thoughts continue to slow down.. If there are any thoughts that continue to persist in your mind.

Thoughts about things that have happened today, or things you need to do tomorrow, or any worries or problems or anxieties… just watch them softly float away as the mind continues to become still and quiet. Any thoughts you might need tomorrow will be there waiting for you in the morning, but for now watch them float away for a while, as the body rests and the mind becomes quiet and ready for sleep.

Peace Make Bedroom Bliss

Make the intention to yourself that you will have a long, deep, and peaceful night of continuous sleep. Create a vision in your mind of yourself sleeping soundly for the whole of the night, undisturbed and peacefully resting in a blissful and nourishing sleep. And make the intention that you will awaken in the morning well-rested, rejuvenated, and full of energy for whatever the new day brings.

Create a vision of yourself going about tomorrow with clarity and abundant energy. If there is a particular task or important event coming up in the morning, take a moment to imagine that you are already there and that you are refreshed and energized, fully ready to experience it in your best and healthiest state.

Improve Sleep Quality

Feel how strong your body is, how full of vitality. See how clear and sharp your mind is, how ready you feel to take on whatever comes your way. Watch yourself going about this activity with ease, energy, and enthusiasm, and know that you are now entering into the deep state of rest and rejuvenation that will enable you to perform at your very best, and to embrace whatever tomorrow brings. Repeat to yourself mentally three times… “I will have a long, deep night of peaceful sleep, and awaken renewed and full of energy. I will have a long, deep night of peaceful sleep, and awaken renewed and full of energy. I will have a long, deep night of peaceful sleep, and awaken renewed and full of energy.”

Improve Sleep Quality

Count Down 25 to 0

Watch the breath become deeper as the body continues to relax. As we count down from twenty-five to zero, feel yourself gently drifting into your deep and peaceful sleep. Twenty-five… feel any remaining tension releasing from the body as you are able relax more and more deeply… twenty-four… each exhalation bringing the body further into rest… twenty-three… watching the mind slowing down… twenty-two… watching any remaining cares and worries of the day floating away…. twenty-one… feeling yourself naturally falling into sleep…. twenty…. welcoming the deep state of rest… nineteen… letting go… eighteen… relaxing… seventeen… welcoming sleep… sixteen… the whole of the body calm and still…. fifteen…. the breath deep and steady… fourteen… the mind relaxed and peaceful… thirteen… drifting away… twelve… drifting into your deep, peaceful sleep… eleven… melting into the bed… ten… relaxing into peace and stillness… nine… resting… eight… relaxing… seven… embracing the peace and stillness…. six… welcoming sleep… five… drifting away… four… relaxing into sleep…. three… relaxing into deep and peaceful sleep… two… deep and peaceful sleep… one… fast asleep… zero… fast asleep…

Feel The Silver Starlight

Imagine that you are floating in the night sky, surrounded by shining silver stars. It is so quiet and peaceful as you float through the friendly, dark, night sky without a care in the world. The silver starlight sparkles all around you, and you feel that as the light of the stars illuminates the different parts of the body, it encourages them to relax even more.

Feel silver starlight shining onto the top of the head, and as the starlight lights up the top of the head, you feel the head relaxing. And the space between the eyebrows… the starlight illuminates the space between the eyebrows, and you feel the face relax. The space between the collarbones… silver light shines onto the space between the collarbones, relaxing the whole of the neck.

Peacefully Body Glowing

The right shoulder… starlight relaxing the right shoulder… and the right elbow… the right wrist… the right fingers… feel silver light beaming down onto the right thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger… and the right wrist… the elbow… the shoulder… the space between the collarbones… Feel the silver starlight relaxing the left shoulder… the left elbow… the left wrist… and the left thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and the little finger… the left wrist… the elbow… the shoulder… the space between the collarbones… The centre of the chest… silver light illuminating the centre of the chest…. and the right side of the chest…

Peacefully Body Glowing

The centre of the chest… the left side of the chest… the centre of the chest… The navel… starlight encouraging the navel area to relax… and the space below the navel… The right hip…the right knee… the right ankle… and the right toes one, two, three, four, five… the right ankle… the knee… the hip… the space below the navel. Starlight illuminating the left hip… the left knee… the left ankle… the left toes one, two three four, five… the left knee… the left hip… the space below the navel… the centre of the chest… the space between the collarbones… the space between the eyebrows… the top of the head…. And the whole of the body… silver starlight illuminating the whole of the body. Feel the whole of the body glowing with peaceful silver light…. floating blissfully through the night sky… the body illuminated with starlight… peacefully floating through the sky… illuminated… glowing… blissfully floating away.

Inspire Calmness

Bring into your awareness and impression of something which evokes within you a deep feeling of peace. It could be a place, or a memory, an object… or perhaps a word, feeling, thought or idea… anything at all that fills you with a deep sense of peace. Let it arise by itself… there’s no need to think about it too much… let this impression arise, and feel the power of its calming, peaceful energy. Feel this peaceful energy all around you, and allow this peaceful presence to inspire calmness and tranquillity throughout the whole of your body and mind.

Feel yourself relaxing into this calming stillness as the mind and the body becomes tranquil and peaceful. Now watch as the peaceful impression becomes bathed in a beautiful, calming colour, and watch the colour radiate outwards until it surrounds all of your body.

Falling Into A Deep Sleep

Feel yourself floating in the tranquil colour, and each time you breathe in, breathe the colour into your body, so that you become filled with this beautiful, calming colour. Bring your awareness to the heart, and feel the peaceful colour radiating from your heart. Feel the colour at the heart, and know that it will stay there with you for the whole of the night, to help you sleep more deeply and more peacefully. And now feel yourself gently falling into an even deeper sleep, with the colorful, peaceful presence at the heart… resting calmly… falling into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Feeling Of Joy And Happiness

Now allow arising in your awareness something which brings you a deep feeling of joy and happiness. Let it come however it comes, in whatever form it wants to take. Watch the joyful, happy impression, and allow yourself to become bathed its happiness. Feel the happy energy surrounding you, filling you with joy… and watch this joyful energy become filled with colour… a happy and beautiful colour.

Watch the colour radiate into your body… breathe in the happy colour and feel it filling the whole of your body… every limb, joint and organ. Feel the happy colour concentrate at the heart, and beam out of the heart. Feeling the joy and happiness within the heart, know that it will stay with you for the whole of the night, bringing you a blissful sleep. Feel yourself float away into your blissful sleep… floating away into joyous, happy, blissful sleep.

Imagine A Memory Of  Love

Invite into your awareness something which brings you a deep feeling of love… whatever it is… a memory, a person, words, thoughts or impressions… let it arise, and feel it inspire within you a deep feeling of love. Let yourself be bathed in this love. Welcome it into your body… and watch as your impression takes on a colour… a gentle, loving colour, which radiates towards you and enters into you.

Memory Of  Love

Breathe the colour into your body, feel it filling every single cell… and as the body becomes full, feel the colour overspilling from the heart, radiating from the heart. Feel the heart full of love, and know that this love is going to stay with you for the whole of the night and that you can sleep peacefully knowing that you are safe, loved and cared for. Feel yourself drifting into a contented, rejuvenating sleep, nourished by the loving energy at the heart… safe and supported… drifting away into deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Deeply Relax 

Imagine that you are floating in the night sky, surrounded by glistening silver stars. The dark sky is comforting and you feel safe as you relax into it. The sparkling stars fill you with calm and tranquillity. As you float along, you continue to relax more and more deeply, and you feel your body melting into the sky, becoming one with the starry night sky. You become aware of some beautiful clouds below you. Calming, pastel-coloured clouds. Soft, fluffy, cosy-looking clouds.

You feel yourself gently spiralling down towards them and as you float into the clouds, you are welcomed and embraced by their comforting softness. You relax into the fluffy clouds, enveloped by their love and safety… and you know that it is safe to completely let go as you fall into your deep, peaceful, blissful sleep… carried along by the safe, loving clouds, fully surrendering into deep and peaceful sleep.


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