Guided Meditation: How to Find Your Inner Peace


Mar 14
Woman meditating Inner Peace
Reading Time: 8 minutes

Prepare yourself for deep relaxation.

It contains elements of both self hypnosis and mindfulness meditation to be as effective as possible.

Make the body as comfortable as possible, using blankets and pillows to support yourself in any way that you need. See if you can make yourself so comfortable that you might even feel like you could never need to move again.

Relax Your Whole Body

Watch the breath slowing down, and notice how with every exhalation the body becomes heavier. Each time you exhale, the body becomes heavier and melts into the surface beneath you. Feel any stored up tension in the muscles unwinding and releasing as the body continues to let go… feel the head becoming heavy and relaxed… and the face… feel the eyes relaxing, and the cheeks, the mouth, the jaw.

feel the shoulders relaxing, tension releasing from the shoulders… and the arms, the hands… all relaxed, tension releasing from the arms. Feel the back relax…. and the chest… the abdomen…. the hips… and each of the legs, and the feet…. all releasing and relaxing.

Hear The Sounds Around You

Bring the awareness to the inside of the nose. Can you feel the air brushing against the inside of the nose as you inhale and exhale? And the inside of the ears, can you feel the sensation of the air upon the insides of the ears? With the awareness in the ears, notice what sounds you can hear. There may be sounds from far away or sounds from closer to sounds, Can you hear the sounds of your own body? Of the breath and the heartbeat? Welcome in all of the sounds around you, knowing that they are all going to help you relax more deeply.

Hypnosis to Naturally Heal

Count Down From Ten To Zero

During this relaxation, you are going to access your own inner peace, which is always there, resting quietly within you. Know that this feeling of peace is available for you to return to at any time. If there is any point during your life that you need to bring more peace and stillness into any situation, you will always be able to remember it and come back to it. As we count down from ten to zero, feel yourself becoming more and more deeply relaxed, so that as we reach zero the body enters a deep state of rest.

From there, the innate peace within you will naturally arise. Ten… feeling the body becoming heavier… nine…. tension releasing from all of the muscles…. eight… the breath slowing down…. seven… the mind slowing down…. six…. entering into deep relaxation…. five… welcoming the natural stillness…. four… relaxing completely…. three… the whole of the body relaxing completely… two…. welcoming deep rest… one… calm and peaceful…. zero…. calm and peaceful.

Breath In Breathe Out

Bring awareness to the breath. Watch the breath as it enters and leaves the body, watch the natural breath. Watch the gentle movements of the chest and the abdomen as you breathe in and as you breathe out. Now see the breath moving through the whole of the body. As you breathe in, watch the breath moving from the feet to the top of the head, and as you breathe out, the breath moves from the top of the head back to the feet.

Body Deeply Relaxed

Imagine that the breath is like a gentle breeze blowing through the body. As you breathe in, the soft and gentle breeze fills you with calm and stillness, and as you breathe out, it blows any troubling thoughts, conflicts, or worries away. Keep watching the breath… breathing in calm from the feet to the head… breathing out troubles and worries from the head to the feet.

Feeling Of Deep Peace

Bring into your mind an impression of something that fills you with a feeling of deep peace. It can be anything… a place, an object, a person… or perhaps words or ideas… allow this symbol of peace to come into your mind, and let its tranquil presence fill you with calm. Now watch as the symbol begins to glow with a radiant, bright white light. This wonderful light fills you with even calmer and stillness. Enjoy this peaceful feeling, and say to yourself three times “I am calm, I am peaceful. I am calm, I am peaceful. I am calm, I am peaceful.”

Peaceful White Light

Keep your awareness on the white light shining around your peaceful symbol. Watch the light grow and expand, and touch upon different parts of the body, feeling each body part become calm and still as the light rests upon it. Starting at the top of the head… peaceful white light touching the top of the head… and the forehead…. the tip of the nose…. the chin… the collarbones… the right shoulder… the right elbow… the right wrist… the right thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger… the right wrist… the elbow… the shoulder… the collarbones… the left shoulder… the left elbow… the left wrist… the left thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger… the left wrist… the left elbow… the shoulder… the collarbones… the chest…. the navel… the right hip… the right knee… the right ankle… the right heel… the right toes one, two, three, four, five…. the right heel… the right ankle… the right knee… the hip… and the left hip… the left knee… the left ankle… the left heel… the left toes one, two, three, four, five… the left heel… the left ankle… the left knee… the left hip… the navel… the chest…. and the whole of the body… feel the whole of the body bathed in calming, white light… the whole of the body peacefully resting, bathed in calming white light.

Completely At Peace

Notice how still the body has become. The whole of the body is so still… so calm and peaceful. Watch this stillness, watch the body completely relaxed, completely at peace. Notice as well that, although the body is so still, there is also movement happening.

The heart is beating, the blood is circulating, the chest and the abdomen are gently rising and falling…. watch the natural movements in the body that continue even in such a deep state of stillness. And can you watch them both together? Can you be aware of the stillness and movement in the body at the same time? Watch this stillness and movement happening together, and repeat again to yourself mentally “I am peaceful. I am relaxed. I am peaceful. I am relaxed. I am peaceful. I am relaxed.”

Imagine Trees And Bushes

Imagine that you are walking over a moorland. It is a beautiful, still day, and there are just a few white clouds in the clear blue sky. You walk over a clear, open landscape filled with green grass, and just a few trees and bushes scattered around. It feels so still and tranquil around you that you are filled with calmness just to be in such a place. As you walk along, you begin to think of something that has been troubling you in your life… a conflict, problem, or worry, any situation you feel some unease about.

Feeling One With Yourself

Notice A Small Object

 As it arises in your mind, you notice a small object in front of you. You reach down to pick up the object, and look at it, noticing its shape and its color, and feeling its texture inside your hand. As you hold the object, you suddenly know that there will be a positive solution to this situation and that everything is going to work out for the best. You keep your object with you as you continue to walk on.

A Deep Sense Of Calm

Soon you see, in the distance, a small building that fills you with intrigue, and you decide to walk towards it. Still filled with a deep sense of calm from being on the peaceful moorland, you approach a small stream, and walk over some rocks stones to cross it.

Whilst crossing the river, another trouble from your life arises in your mind… whatever it is, big or small, you notice what it is, and then, as you reach the other side of the river, you see another small object on the riverbed. You pick it up and observe it, and again are filled with a sense of knowing that everything around the situation will resolve itself and work out for the best.

Positive Resolution

You keep the object with you as you continue to walk on. It is not far now and you find yourself approaching the building. It is beautiful from the outside and you know that you have arrived at a special place. The building is surrounded by a small stone wall and a gate. As you open the gate, another problem or worry from your life comes into your mind. You see a small object beside the gate and pick it up, and as you hold it in your hand, you know that there will be a positive resolution to this issue.

Keeping your three objects with you, you walk towards the door of the building. You open the door and step inside. You enter into a simple but beautiful room, with just a few items placed around the sides. You notice each of the items and feel how each one symbolizes peace to you in some way. Being in the room fills you with calm, and you are completely at ease there.

Know The Peace And Calm

One of the items draws you towards it, and you walk over and sit in front of it. You feel such loving, calm energy radiating from it, and you sit in stillness, enjoying its peace and tranquillity. You take your three objects from the moorland, and set them beside the item in front of you, knowing that the peace and calm of the building and the items within it will bring a positive and peaceful influence to all of the conflicts in your life.

Real Happiness

As you sit, tranquil and calm, a glowing white light begins to shine inside the building, bathing everything inside it in peace, love and calmness. All of the items from inside the room, the objects you brought in with you, and your own body shine brightly with the radiant white light. Submerged in the glowing white light, you feel a deep calm and stillness within you. Enjoy the deep peace and stillness, all of your surroundings glowing in radiant white light.

Imagine A Beautiful Garden

Imagine that you are in a beautiful garden, surrounded by colorful flowers and plants. Birds sing in the trees and a fountain gently bubbles. The whole place is so calm and peaceful and being there fills you with joy and happiness. You are free from all worries as you enjoy the peace and harmony of the garden.

There is a large patch of grass in front of you, and you feel inspired to create something beautiful. You look around and see a plant or flower that you are particularly drawn to. As you pick it, you think of an area of your life that you wish to bless with more peace and harmony…. perhaps family, relationships, your home or you’re work-life…any area of life you would like to bring more tranquillity or peacefulness into. Place your plant upon the grass, feeling the calm of the garden radiating into that area of your life.

Peaceful Blessing 

Now pick something else, and think of another area of your life you would like to bring peace into. As you place it on the grass, feel the peacefulness radiating into that area of your life. Continue with as many more plants as you like, and with each one feel the deep feeling of peace blessing an area of your life. When you have collected as many as you like, you arrange them on the grass into a beautiful shape or pattern.

You look at your finished pattern, the colors are so beautiful and the picture fills you with joy. The wonderful, peaceful energy radiates from the pattern, and you know that the whole of your life has been blessed with this peacefulness. You remember the picture… it is yours to recall any time you want to come back to the feeling of deep peace, or to bring calm into any situation. Stay in the garden with your beautiful creation, resting in calm and stillness. Repeat to yourself mentally three times “I am calm. I am peaceful. I am calm. I am peaceful. I am calm. I am peaceful.”

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