Hypnosis App is Live and Waiting for You! - Mark Bowden

Hypnosis App is Live and Waiting for You!


Nov 16
hypnotherapy app mark bowden

My Hypnosis App is ready!

I'm very excited to announce that my brand new and updated hypnosis app is now ready and waiting for all of my subscribers right now!

You can see a quick video of my hypnosis app in action in the clip above.

It has been designed for you convenience. When you sign up to my subscription service not only do you get access to all of my audios but you also get access to the app.

What you will notice about the app is how beautifully everything is laid out and how user friendly it is to navigate and find exactly what session you're looking for.

mark bowden hypnotherapy hypnosis app

By having the hypnosis app available to you, it doesn't matter where you are, you'll always have your favourite sessions close at hand! So whether you're on holiday, travelling away with work or simply in a different room in the house, you can always be relaxing and taking your life forward.

mark bowden hypnosis app

... even if you're travelling with work... access is always close at hand!

The other great feature of the app is that you can select 'offline media' also.

Here you can choose which sessions you want to listen to offline. Then, whilst you have access to the internet/wifi you can download them to your device so you can listen offline.

This is a great feature to ensure you will never be disturbed by a phone call, message or email when you want to be at your most peaceful.

I hope you enjoy the app and look forward to my continued new features as I am dedicated to helping you move your life forward!

When you sign up or purchase any of my sessions details of how to download my app will be emailed you with your login details.

You can be listening with my hypnosis app in a matter of moments!

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