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Feb 27
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Welcome to this meditation for connecting with your higher self.

This is a journey to meet with your true and authentic Self. The self that knows, That has all the answers, That has infinite wisdom, courage, and compassion.

Let’s Start Hypnosis to Connect with your Higher Self Session

To begin make yourself comfortable… By lying down on your back… Your arms resting by your side… Palms facing upwards… Your legs slightly apart… Your feet falling to either side… And arriving into this moment… Letting go of all the stresses of the day… All the thoughts and worries and concerns… Bringing awareness to your breathing… Taking in a nice deep breath.

And letting it out slowly… Taking in another nice deep breath… And allowing the out breath to empty you… Breathing all the way in into your belly… Breathing out, letting it all go… Breathing in deeply once again… And letting out a sigh this time.



Body Deeply Relaxed

Time to Close Your Eyes to Tension Free

Noticing your eyelids become heavier and heavier… Wanting to shut… You are finding it hard to keep your eyes open now… So you allow your eyes to close… And you find yourself entering into a deep, deep sense of relaxation… Sinking Deeper and deeper… Going further and further into the purest, deepest place of surrender… Continuing to breathe deeply and evenly… Staying with the cycle of your breath… Breathing in… And breathing out.

Relax Your Body and Mind

Now Starting Feeling Good

You feel really good in this moment… Becoming lighter and lighter… Relaxing your shoulders… Letting go of the tension, the stress… Allowing the earth beneath you to absorb all of this tension from you… Relaxing your arms, your hands, your fingers… Relaxing your legs, your feet… Relaxing your head, your jaws, your eyebrows… All of the tension, the stress from your body going into the earth and dissolving.

And letting this relaxation seep into every cell of your body… Going deeper and deeper into every muscle, every organ, every tissue of your body… Relaxing your back, your hips… Relaxing your belly… Softening it… Releasing any emotion you might be holding here… Relaxing your chest… Feeling it become lighter… Letting go of any stress you might be holding here… Breathing in… And breathing out.

Relax Your Whole Body

Imagine a Healing Light

Imagine a healing light shining over you… Entering you as you breathe in… And healing you, healing every cell in your body… As you exhale you release all the stress that you have been holding in your body… Continue to breathe in this healing light… And breathe out the stress, the tension… As you breathe in, notice this light going deeper and deeper into your body… And as you breathe out, notice the stress hidden in the deepest of places leave from your body… Breathing in the healing light… Breathing out all the stress

Go Deeper and Deeper Into Relaxation

Freeing your body from stress, from pain, from discomfort… If at any time thoughts come into your mind… Simply allow them to come, acknowledge them… And gently let them go… If at any time you find yourself drifting into sleep… Allow yourself to do so… Your mind will still be taking in all of these messages… Your mind will continue to reprogram itself

I am going to count from 10 to 1 now

And with each count. You will go deeper and deeper into relaxation

10: You find yourself surrendering your weight to the earth beneath you

9: The kind of relaxation that you feel now, you haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time

8: You are moving towards complete relaxation, complete surrender

7: You let go of all the burdens you have been carrying along with you

6: You feel free, you feel light and easy and released

5: You are experiencing what it feels like to be this free after a very long time

4: Your body is moving deeper and deeper into relaxation, deeper and deeper

3: Your body is sinking deeper and deeper into the earth beneath you, deeper and deeper

2: You are here in this moment with your whole being, nothing holding you back

1: You are completely relaxed now, feeling one with yourself

Imagine a Place Where You Feel Safe

I want you now to imagine a place where you feel safe and protected. It could be one from your childhood, it could be a place you have seen in pictures, or perhaps you have visited this place recently and have vivid memories. This place could be real or only in your imagination and Just see yourself in this place.

Notice how you feel here. How happy and secure you feel And notice everything about this place…. How does it look. Is it a closed space like a room or a house or somewhere outside in nature like a garden or a forest or a beach?

Notice all the smells… The different colors… Notice the sounds around you… And really bring this place to life in your imagination… You are here in this place… With nothing else to do… Nowhere else to go… Just being here… And know that at any time in this practice

If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy… You can return to the safety of this place… And while you are here… I want you to connect to a memory. That makes you feel really happy or one in which you felt truly loved and cared for and let the joy and love of that moment fill your heart.

With this feeling in your heart. I want you to just be with my words And if any point you find yourself drifting into sleep. Allow yourself to do so. Your mind will still be taking in all of these messages. Your mind will continue to reprogram itself.


Breathing in

And breathing out

Allowing your eyelids to become heavier and heavier. Seamlessly moving from a waking state to a sleepy state. Being with my voice and then going into sleep and then returning to my voice and falling back into sleep. And in all this time. You are freeing yourself from the negative voices in your head. All those negative beliefs that you hold about yourself.

Letting go of the unkind words you use for yourself And replacing them with positive thoughts and beliefs and words. You are here now. In this moment, You with your breath. Watching the miracle of your breath as it flows in and out of your body. Not wanting to change anything about the breath But simply observing it And as thoughts arise.

You don’t push them away. You simply label them as “thinking”.  Not getting attached to them. Just letting them go And as you work with one thought after another. Catching them and Gently putting them aside.

Gaps arise… Gaps of nothingness

These gaps are like little windows to your true, authentic self… Becoming comfortable with these gaps… Learning to sit with them… Taking the route of emptiness, of nothingness And you realize that this journey is your own… You walk it by yourself… Becoming your own best friend.

You are awakening to your true and authentic self. Imagine yourself as existing just as you are in this moment. With no past, no future, no memories, no expectations.

Simply being here And in this empty space of yourself. You can open to the possibility of a new discovery. A path that is unique and meant just for you. This awakening that you are experiencing. It allows you to flow harmoniously with the movement of life. You are tearing down the illusion.

Washes Over You By A Wave

Imagine yourself being washed over by a wave. This wave of the ocean soaking you. Hear its sound And with each wave that washes over you.

Find yourself awakening more and more to your deepest, truest self. Each wave, as it washes over you, is shattering the illusion.

The illusion of who you have believed you are And slowly. You begin to awaken to who you truly are. You become acutely aware of your true nature. That you are eternal and sovereign But to fully awaken to your true self.

Washes Over You By A Wave

You must tear down the identity you think you have. It demands your courage, discernment, brutal honesty, and complete acceptance of yourself.

Allow everything to come crashing down… Allow your false ego to collapse… In a flash of a moment… You may find that you no longer exist.

Your identity, your perception of yourself has vanished… You are releasing old identities and old belief systems.

Just like the earth… Your body is a cosmic radio station… Receiving and transmitting messages at every moment.

What you receive and what you transmit is according to the level of your present consciousness. It is only when you release our old identities, habits, and belief systems.

Awareness of the Experience of Nature

That you can access the higher dimensions. Only then can you find the secret keys to access hidden gates to your inner being.

Your most powerful self And it is only then that you can enter the realm of the living Earth. I invite you now to take your awareness to the experience of nature and See if you can hear the birds singing in the trees. Feel the warmth of the sun as you walk on wet grass and in that light of the morning sun.

See if everything around you appears in a new light. A light of awe and amazement.

Your mind… Rested here… Your mind… Free of any chatter… Experiencing a deep sense of peace

You are Connecting to Your Higher Self

As you release your identity… Your past and your future… As you let go of that ego…  You can feel your Higher self rising from within you.

You are now connecting to the resonance of your heart… Your true and authentic life force… You can feel your heart beating in the center of your chest and from that space, Feel love filling up your heart.

As you follow the river of life to the depths of your being. You find yourself going deeper and deeper and when you find yourself becoming empty.

From this emptiness, A powerful and divine love springs forth. Filling up your body and mind. This love is unconditional. It spreads out from inside of you. Everything around you. The flowers, the bugs, the birds, the trees. They soak in this love

Waterfall of White Healing Light

You are discovering your cosmic radiance. You find that you are an integral part of the universe. By playing the role of your cosmic purpose, you allow yourself – your mind, body, and spirit – to vibrate to that particular frequency

And you broadcast it out to everyone around you. This is your gift to the world.

You are exhibiting your most marvelous expression… You become mindful of your thoughts, of your words. You are kind to yourself and to others.

You no longer judge… You no longer use words that criticize… Words that put you down or others down… You no longer seek validation

You no longer seek approval from others… You are safe in being you… You are connecting to the gift of nature inside of you.

Just like nature that leaves better everything that it touches. Like the trees that share their love by tirelessly giving us the oxygen that we need. And like the breeze that refreshes everything on its way without attaching itself to anything. And like the flowers that spread their fragrance until their petals fall off. And like the sun that shines every day with the same love, the same intensity, without expectations

That love lies within you. That love is unconditional. That splendor of humility is what is your core. You are capable of warming everything that you touch.

You are living in peace with time… You are patient… You are aligned with divine timing… Time acquires a different meaning… You are living in timelessness… You are living in accordance with your higher purpose… Living in sync with time… And you are in harmony with nature… Coexisting with the natural flow of life… Becoming part of it.

You no longer see time as money… Or time as something that is passing… But time just as it is… Which is nothing but the present moment… You see the beauty of the now… The art, the magic in the now… Experiencing the uniqueness of that now… And as you begin to believe in you… You unleash the power within you… That sense of knowing, of recognizing, of feeling…

It comes forth from your innermost being… You, with your galactic compass to help you… To guide you as you navigate through life… What you experience in this moment… Is synchronicity… The universal form… With this love, this completeness… You become whole


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