Hypnosis to Naturally Heal Your Body and Soul


Feb 22
Hypnosis to Naturally Heal
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Welcome to this Hypnosis practice to naturally heal your body and soul.


Let’s Start Hypnosis to Naturally Heal Session

Start by coming into a comfortable position. If it feels good, lie down on your back with your arms resting by your side Or you could find a seated position on a chair or a couch, your feet faced firmly on the floor Or you could sit cross legged on a cushion or on the floor Whatever feels best to you today.

  • Once You Feel Settled
  • Gently Close Your Eyes

Take a Few Deep Breaths to Arrive Here, In this Moment

  • Breathing In
  • Breathing Out

Just Being Here, with Nothing Else….

  • No Memories of the Past
  • No Concepts of the Future

You as You Are….

  • Breathing In
  • Breathing Out

Imagine a big box in front of you and place all your thoughts into that box. When a thought arises acknowledge the thought and drop it in that box.

Deepening the breath now and slowing it.

Taking a deep breath in through the nose and slowly letting the breath out through the mouth deep breath in and slow breath out. Deep breath in filling the belly and slow breath out releasing everything. Allowing the breath now to return to its natural rhythm.

Mindfulness meditation concept. Meditating young woman. Yoga. Concentration.

Simply Noticing it in your Body

  • Breathing In
  • Breathing Out

Not forcing the breath… Simply observing it

  • Breathing In
  • Breathing Out

When thoughts arise.. Simply drop them in the box then gently return to your breathing and the sound of my voice. I invite you now to imagine a waterfall of bright white light and this light is the light of the universe. This light is the light that heals and this light is love, unconditional, all encompassing love and imagine this light to flow over you.

depressed Asian woman in deep many thoughts, having problem with over thinking

Immerse yourself in this light and Float in it See yourself being bathed in this light and as you imagine this.

Observe your Body

  • Notice any places in your body where you might be holding any tension
  • Notice if there are any aches and pains
  • And with each in breath, breathe in this white healing light
  • And send it to the part that is stressed or tense

Allow the Light to Soften, Heal, and Nourish this Part of Your Body

  • Breathing in, let the white light flow into your body
  • Breathing out, release any tension, any pain that you hold there
  • Breathing in
  • And breathing out
  • Breathing in
  • And breathing out

Take this time to send healing white light to all the parts of your body that need to heal, to relax, to soften.


Now scan your body for any judgments that you hold. Your judgments could be for specific parts of your body Or they could be towards your body as a whole.

Think about the negative self talk you engage in about your body. Let the healing white light sweep over all these judgments.

Over All the Words that Are Not Kind

  • Breathing in, send unconditional love to your body
  • Breathing out, release any judgments you hold against your body
  • Breathing in.
  • And breathing out

Allow this light to fill your body with unconditional love. The love that your body deserves for everything it does for you. This body through which you experience the world.

  • Breathing in, send unconditional love to your body
  • Breathing out, release any judgments you hold against your body

Take this time to send healing white light to all the parts of your body that need your unconditional love, your kindness, your appreciation


I Invite You Now to Look Into Your Heart

  • Notice how your heart feels
  • Simply sensing the feeling in the heart
  • And if you find any wounds there
  • Any hurts
  • Anything that pains, any difficult emotions

Let this Waterfall of White Healing Light Wash Over Your Heart

  • Visualize this white light cleansing, purifying, restoring
  • Restoring love wherever your heart is depleted
  • Restoring peace wherever your heart is conflicted
  • Washing away any memories, any negative energies, anything that does not serve you any longer
  • Breathing in, let the healing white light fill your heart with the supreme energy of love
  • Breathing out, release everything that does not serve you any longer
  • Breathing in
  • And Breathing out

Waterfall of White Healing Light

Take this time to send healing white light to any place in your heart that needs tenderness, that needs care.


Imagine this Waterfall of White Light to Sweep Over Your Soul

  • Clearing and cleansing any blockages in your soul’s journey
  • Clearing and cleansing any obstacles in your soul’s path

Let the Brightness of this Light Remove All Darkness

  • Let the brightness of this light remove anything that is obscured
  • Any wounds of the soul, any darkness, any heaviness

Let the Light Take Over and Fill the Spaces, Heal the Spaces

  • Breathing in
  • And breathing out

Take this time to let the light heal the soul


Going to Close this Practice

Take a deep breath in

Let a slow breath out

Breathing in

And breathing out

Bring your awareness back to the room where you are Back to this body. Reconnect to the here and now and when you feel ready.

Open your eyes

As we come to close this practice

Let the light be with you.

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