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Mar 17
Body Confidence
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Hello, I’m clinical hypnotherapist Mark Bowden,  I’d like to welcome you to this relaxing and comforting session that is a guided journey that you can use to relax deeper than ever and at the same time naturally condition you to in improving your body confidence…. Respecting and appreciating how you look. And you can use this session to transition into a wonderful night’s sleep… or simply to relax… and come away from the stresses of the world for a while.

It utilizes elements of both hypnosis and mindfulness meditation to be as effective as possible in helping you to switch off to the world around you,

My hope is that you enjoy this session and benefit greatly from it.

Do not listen to this whilst driving or doing anything that you cannot safely do with your eyes closed… this is the 8d Immersive audio version of this session, where it will feel like my words are all around you… to give you a truly wonderful and immersive experience…


Relax Completely 

Allow yourself to completely relax and let go of any thoughts as you listen to the sound of my voice. Keep your hands in your lap and simply relax. Now take a nice deep breath and let your chest and belly expand and exhale slowly through the mouth.


Reduce stress

That’s right. Take another deep breath. And when you exhale this time, imagine all the tensions and stress moving out of your body as you breathe out through the mouth.


Deep Breath

Once more, take a nice deep breath and let it completely out as you exhale through the mouth. And now take a moment to become aware of the chair or cushion beneath your body and notice how it feels against your back and the hips. Notice the various points of contact between the hips and the surface of the chair.


As you continue to become aware of the surfaces beneath you and behind your back, take your attention to the chest and notice the rise and fall of your chest with each in-breath and each out-breath….every time you inhale, your chest rises and every time you exhale, it falls….notice the movement of the chest…focus on it closely….that’s right.


Inhale and Exhale

And as you continue to breathe in and breathe out, bring your focus on your breath….becoming aware of each in-breath and out-breath…noticing the breaths closely….from the very start of the in-breath to the very end of the out-breath…as if you are observing the outline of each breath…inhale….and exhale.

That’s right.


Feels The Inhalation

Now, notice how the inhalation feels as the air gently moves in through your nose…and how it feels at the back of your throat…and how it feels in the chest or belly as they expand as the air gently and beautifully travels down your chest and reaches your belly…

That’s right.


Positive Changes

And now notice each out-breath…as you breathe out. That’s right…Each breath you take makes you twice as relaxed and with every breath you take and with every word I say, your mind becomes even calmer and opens you to a beautiful inner experience. An inner experience that is healing and will bring positive changes to you and to your life.


Now, take your awareness to the top of your head…the crown…notice whatever is present for you…there is nothing right or wrong…simply be with whatever is present… the hair, the skin of the scalp. Notice whatever is present without any judgments.


Now, bringing your awareness down to the forehead…and noticing the temperature around your forehead…you may feel cold or warm…or perhaps there is some slight frown or complete relaxation on the forehead…whatever is present…just be with it. Continuing to scan the body with your mind’s eye…noticing the movement in your eyes…as you listen to the sound of my voice….and notice each part of your body with full awareness…taking the awareness down to the nose….upper lips….and becoming aware of the moisture in the mouth. Noticing how the tongue is resting in the mouth…noticing the jaw and the teeth…noticing any tension or any slack in the jaw…and just observing that closely without judgments.

Relax Your Body and Mind


The State Of Relaxation

Bringing the focus down to the neck, noticing its position and how it is resting right now. That’s right..With each body part you notice, you drift down and down into a beautiful state of relaxation….becoming aware of the shoulders and chest…noticing the body breathing…with each in-breath and each out-breath.

Longer Pause

The State Of Relaxation.

And the more you draw your awareness to the sound of my voice, the deeper within your mind you go… Feeling twice as relaxed… Feeling thrice as relaxed… Going deeper and deeper… Feel so tranquil as you settle into this heavy state of relaxation. Now noticing the belly and pelvis…the upper arms and the forearms….and how they are resting right now…and letting them be just the way they are….There is nothing right or wrong…just be mindful of each part of your body…as you take your awareness down to your hands, palms, and fingers…and notice any points of contact where your hands may be resting on your thighs, or perhaps touching each other….


Deeper With Each Breath

Now take your awareness to the lower body and notice how the legs are resting in their natural position right now. Notice the position of your thighs…the knees, the calves, and shins…noticing them closely…and how they are resting right now. Noticing the feet and the surface beneath them… and in a moment…I am going to count down from 10 down 0, with each count down…you will be twice as relaxed and go twice as deep in a beautiful state of relaxation….10…relaxing more and more9…going deeper with each breath you take8…drifting deeper further with every count down7…calmer6….relaxed.5…deeper.4…even more, relaxed3…even deeper…2..1… relaxed…0…deeply relaxed…

Body Deeply Relaxed

With the powerful creative part of your mind, I know you can imagine anything just how you daydream and imagine various things…similarly, I would like you to imagine yourself standing on the most wonderful beach with sun-glazed golden sands. You take a walk on the beach and come to the area where the dry moving sand meets the firm wet sand for you to stand on it firmly…


 The Beautiful Water Of The Sea

Stand here for a moment and notice the beautiful waters of the sea and smell the fresh salty air. You are looking at the horizon and feeling the wet sand beneath your feet…and as you look around you also notice some seashells laying here and there…and coming out of the sea with each wave that crashes on the shore…


Feel The Sounds

You continue to smell the fresh salty air and feel the cool sea breeze all over your body…you listen to the sound of the waves…watching the waves crashing to the shore and then rolling back into the sea again…So beautiful to watch this…isn’t it?


A Beautiful Place

You are enjoying watching the beautiful surroundings – the water, sun, and the sand…so clean and pristine. And as you notice this, you feel more and more relaxed –  inside out. you are feeling content and happy to be here. To relax even more on this gorgeous island, you decide to lay on the beach.


Close Your Eyes

As soon as you lay flat on the beach, you notice the sky up above you…with many clouds moving from left to right and making different shapes… You close your eyes, listening to the sound of the waves or maybe the sound of the seagulls…and you start to drift deeper into your inner mind…noticing fragments of memories from the present day and how you have lived your present-day, becoming aware of the best time of the day….

Woman meditating Inner Peace


Remember Your Best Time

And, now drifting further down the memory lane and noticing the images from the last year…noticing the best times, the best months…the best memories….

Longer Pause

Memories Of  School Time

Drifting further back into the time and reaching that time of the life when you were younger and accessing the memories of your first day at school…or the time.. when you were a little baby. A baby who is being held gently and joyfully….


Feel Your Mothers Love

That’s right…it’s your mother who is holding you close to her chest…and feels so happy to see you in her arms.. You notice yourself as a sweet little bundle of joy, who is giggling and is amazed to see the world around you…You are enjoying the warmth of your mother’s body…she is not only giving you warmth through her body but also through her thoughts about you…She is lucky to have you and is feeling so grateful to have you in her life…


Feel Comfortable and happy

She is saying “ you are so adorable and look amazing”  and while she says that she giggles and says how much she loves you and you are perfect in every way. You feel so nice and warm in your mother’s arms. Safe and secure. Comfortable and happy. Confident and loved…Isn’t it? The confidence, safety, security, comfort, and happiness spreads inside of you…in the form of pink light…right in the center of your chest….you notice the pink glow…so warm….

Real Happiness

Now, imagine this pink light growing and spreading in every part of your body…reaching your head, your face, your neck…moving into your arms, your belly…down to your lower body…your legs, your shins, your calves, and your feet….Full of love, safety, and confidence….

Longer Pause

Now, imagine taking a bridge from the time when you are a little baby to the time when you grow up and become a teenager…Notice yourself growing and reaching a time when you are in your teen years.


Love Yourself

You notice yourself growing into a 14 or 15-year-old, standing in front of a mirror, looking at yourself and admiring every part of your body…knowing that each part of your body has given you so much and does so much for you. You are being grateful for all that you have. And as you look at yourself in the mirror, you say to yourself: I love you and accept you just the way you are. I love you unconditionally.


Imagine You Are Teenage

Imagine this teenager that you notice is exactly like your own child. Imagine if you had a teenage child like this….then what would you like to say to them if you had a chance to give them some words of wisdom about their body?

Longer Pause – 45 seconds 

Feel Completely Confident

That’s right…you are now so much more appreciative of your body and feel completely confident about it. You are grateful that you can breathe, taste, touch, feel, see, talk, walk, love, beloved, and do so much more with this body. From today on, you love yourself and your body a lot more than before. And this makes you feel confident about your body. And, I wonder if you could repeat the affirmations in your mind after me…

  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I am wonderful in every way
  • I allow my light to shine through my body
  • I truly appreciate my body and what it does for me
  • I feel more love for myself each and every day
  • I radiate love for myself and others
  • I am grateful for my wonderful body
  • I send love to my organs, cells, and bones
  • My mind is focused on loving myself
  • I have a positive mindset
  • I love and respect my body
  • I respect my body
  • I am comfortable in my skin
  • I truly appreciate my uniqueness
  • I am confident
  • I am confident about my body

Enjoy The Beautiful Sounds

That’s right..And, while you lay on the beach and continue to notice the beautiful sounds around you and enjoy the cool beach breeze all over your body, you also notice that on the right side of you is your favorite tropical drink. Whether it is sweet or tangy or has a mix of sweetness and tanginess, you know that this drink refreshes you from within…and you truly enjoy every sip of it.

Taking each sip only means you are reinforcing the new beliefs about your body and yourself. The first sip that you take will fill you up with immense confidence about yourself and your body. And, the pink energy will grow 10 times inside and fill each part of your body…Take the first sip now…And imagine feeling the confidence going up 10 times.


Take the second sip and see the love for yourself growing 10 times deeper…


The third sip will fill you up with gratitude for your body…and the gratitude will be 10 times more.


Feel Your Body Amazing

The next sip will make you feel amazing about your skin and you will be 10 times more comfortable in your skin…feeling absolutely confident of your body and your skin. Now, take a moment to feel the gratitude for having a wonderful body, and the continuous miracles it produces.

Longer Pause

Waking Up


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