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"After paying big money for live sessions with a hypnotherapist, I discovered the Mark Bowden recordings and find them to be extremely effective, and yes even more effective than live sessions because you can use them far more often and with much greater convenience than live sessions."
"Five stars and great BIG kudos to Mark Bowden! His work has made a huge positive impact on my life! I am sleeping better than I have in years, courtesy of his 'Say Goodnight To Insomnia' program, which has had a positive effect on every aspect of my life. And after working with his 'Stress Relief' program for just one week, I am already approaching previously stressful situations with ease, equanimity, and effectiveness. Can't wait to try some of his other programs!."
Welcome from Mark
I have a real passion for helping people to move forward with their lives. Whether it's overcoming anxiety, improving self esteem or losing weight I want people to live happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

In my experience of helping more than 100,000 around the world, hypnosis is the most effective tool for improving human thinking, behaviour and even physiology.

I hope you enjoy your sessions and make hypnosis a part of your daily ritual.
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