Overcome Your Fear of Flying with Hypnosis


May 01

Overcome Your Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

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Having a fear of flying can be a debilitating condition and in some cases can have a devastating impact on your life

For some of you it will be the mental (and physical) hell you go through every time you go on vacation or a business trip. For others it will be so bad that it has actually put a stop to any far flung business trips and forget about seeing other parts of the world if they can’t be reached by land or sea!

If you mention this to others they respond with cliche’s such as “it’s the safest form of transport” or “just sit back and enjoy the ride!”. Whilst it’s well meaning it does little to allay your fears.

So it leaves you with 2 options:

  1. Don't go.
  2. Go. But be filled with apprehension and dread.

It’s hardly a great choice. Choose the first option and you miss out on some of the most amazing experiences you are likely to experience in your life. 

Of course, you can fight through the anxiety and do it anyway. In reality what does that look like? Days of apprehension ruining the run up. More severe anxiety at the airport and through the flight. Being absolutely shattered at the start of your holiday.  Then, when you’ve finally recovered to enjoy the trip you’ve got that knowledge in the back of your mind that your return journey will be upon you before you know it and the problems start once again.

So what are my options to overcome my fear of flying?

There is another way. 

In this other way you look forward to your trip. You relax and take in the array of restaurants and duty free shops at the airport.  You relax and unwind on the flight. Maybe catch a movie, listen to some music or meditate. Then you start your amazing trip the other end… refreshed, happy and raring to go.

Does this last scenario sound far fetched? I’d be surprised if it doesn’t! After all your mind has been playing tricks on you about how frightening plane travel is so I doubt it’s going to be truthful with you about how you can get over it.

However, get over it is EXACTLY what you are going to do!

And my self hypnosis program to overcome your fear of flying is how you are going to do it.

How does the Overcome Fear of Flying Hypnosis Program Work

Those physical symptoms that you’re experiencing. Sweaty palms, heart palpitations, feeling nauseous. Are they caused by the aeroplane? Are they caused by the airport lounge? Or the travel to the airport? 

No, they aren’t.

Objects, scenarios or even events do not cause anxiety. It is our thinking around these scenarios or events that cause these issues.

That is so important that I’ll say that again.

It i'sn’t anything to do with the flight, the plane or the airport that causes your fear of flying. It is your own perception of these that causes the problem. Once we realise this we are on our way there (no pun intended)!

Yes it's a physical response, but the origin is a mental one. Our thinking activates the fight or flight centre of the brain called the amygdala.

The overcome fear of flying hypnosis program will start conditioning your thoughts so that your natural and default setting is one where you can be and feel at ease with flying.

Before, during and after!

Why do you have your fear of flying?

Your response right now is a learned response to flying. You are not born with a fear of getting on a plane.  However, this learned response may have come from any manner of misconceptions. You may have had a bad experience or your anxiety may be from deep in your primitive anxious brain (we’ll talk about this part of your brain later).

The fact is, whether you believe this or not right now, flying is statistically the safest form of ALL forms of transport. This fact is also something you will absolutely, 100% believe after the program.

However, on the very rarest of occasions something does go wrong on a plane, the results are dramatic and played out on the media. Also, Hollywood loves to prey on our emotions with loud bangs and crashes to wow their audiences.

Both the media and Hollywood then give us a rather skewed outlook on how dangerous flying really is.

When the primitive part of the brain is engaged it can be very irrational. Making you worry about a terrorist attract, mechanical failure even that God or the laws of nature are against you!

What is absolutely certain, is somewhere along the line you have linked up the misconception that flying is dangerous, whereas this self hypnosis program will not just teach you that it isn’t dangerous, it will condition into your every fibre just how safe it is so that you can relax and enjoy your experience of flying.

How to make the overcome Fear of Flying Hypnosis Program work for you.

As with any of my hypnosis programs it is very important to keep an open mind. If you go into the program thinking ‘I’ll give this a try but I bet hypnosis isn’t going to overcome my fear of flying’, it is very unlikely that it will.

Not only will engaging the primitive part of your brain inhibit the process, but the primitive part of the brain is where the fear of flying came from in the first place.

The primitive part of your brain is an irrational thinking brain and remember, it is your perception / thinking that caused the misconception that has lead to your fear of flying in the first place. If you think in such a negative way, you engage the primitive part of the brain, rather than the amazing intellectual brain. 

The distrust triggers this part of the brain to take control and it won’t allow you to make those changes. Think of it like starting a fitness regime and every step of the way your telling yourself ‘what’s the point?’ ‘this isn’t hoping to help’. How much progress are you really likely to make?

You're very likely do do it once or twice and then stop altogether with little or no progress made.

What we need is you to trust in the process. Follow through with it with an open mind. This way you engage the most advanced part of the human brain. The Left Prefrontal Cortex that is responsible for feeling empowered, confident and being able to rise positively to challenges. This will hugely assist you in your process to overcoming your fear of flying.

Remember. Mark Bowden has helped over 100,000 people across the world to improve their lives. None of this is based on mystical methods that he hopes will work for you.

All of his sessions are based on tried, tested and researched techniques. Techniques that are at the cutting edge of what we know about making brilliant improvements to our amazing brains.

So. Overcome your fear of flying and open up the amazing potential of air travel to you.