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Access Complete Library through Hypnosis App

Access Complete Library through Hypnosis App

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When you sign up you’ll get immediate access to everyone of my sessions through my convenient and exclusive app.


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    Hampus W.
    SE SE
    I like it

    The reason why I cancelled my trial was because I am doing other hypnosis right now and I was mostly curious. There was some hypnosis that really intrigued me that I would like. Request: I would like easy and clear instructions of how many hypnosis I can combine a day, and for how long I should do them. For someone like me, I want to do a lot of different hypnosis and create a hypnosis schedule for a few months forward. And that would help me a lot. Thanks, great app and great hypnosis

    Lesley J.
    GB GB
    Workplace anxiety

    Can't believe what a difference this has made to me, really has helped my confidence at work and at home.

    Hugh F.
    US US
    Positive experience

    I've been listening to these sessions daily and I have seen a positive effect so far.

    Michelle C.
    United States United States
    Love the app

    I really like this app & the meditation/ hypnotherapy sessions. I have purchased numerous hypnotherapy programs prior to this one and only a few have the audio (& vocalization) just right for daily listening use. This one does. The only thing lacking (for me) are some binaural beats - which I add from another app to run concurrently (Brainwave). I like that all meditations have separate introductions which I found to be highly informative & useful w regard to the process and the subject. Each subject, of which there are MANY, has a day or night meditation option. Some even have more intensive components - like a calming session prior to use of meditation/ hypnotherapy to take the brain to a more receptive state. I like hypnotherapy bc it accesses the subconscious brain to help make lasting changes. I especially like Mark’s verbal mannerism when putting one in trance state. I have used this app daily since purchasing and I have no complaints about the sessions, however, the app does not like to be left open to return to another day, as it will redirect to an online directory of sessions. Also, I went to some trouble to create a Favorites library (so I wouldn't have to keep looking at all the options repeatedly) and the app thankfully saved those, but did not save the downloads for my return the next day. A bit of a nuisance since I had downloaded the specific areas I wanted to focus on. All in all, I’m keeping the subscription until I have made my way through all my work-in-progress areas.

    Sharon G.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Memory and Concentration

    I purchased two sessions from Mark one for memory and another for concentration. I listen to one at night and the other in the morning. I find them very relaxing and although it is early days I feel there is some improvement in my thinking and recall. I shall continue to use them over a time to see if it has an overall effect. I enjoy listening to the sessions and will probably purchase more. Only thing is I am going to buy a personal CD player as one download went to my phone and the other to my I pad. Totally my fault as when setting up my transfer from cd to I pad I set up two e mails and one went to my phone and the other to my I pad. Technology is not my strongest point!