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Access Complete Library through Hypnosis App

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    Gajendra k.
    Reall Really good.

    I listen to it everyday. I feel the change.

    Douglas B.
    CA CA
    Mark Bowden Hypnosis Library

    Over the years I have purchased several differing hypnosis products from various hypnotists. I have had great success with some and don't even bother listening to the others. Of the many that exist, I have found Mark Bowden's amongst the highest of quality. I say this because when I get ready to relax for a half hour or so, I want to hear a relaxing and rhythmic voice. Mark has such a voice - which is not that easy to find. Also, he puts his voice to an effective relaxing background. It only took me to purchase one to test before I went and purchased the monthly subscription to the whole library. For those that are responsive to audio self-hypnosis - like me, I totally endorse MB's product line. Doug B, Canada ps: Using hypnosis, I have quit smoking cigarettes (over ten years ago); quit drinking alcohol (3 1/2 years ago); quit chewing tobacco (since November 2019); and most recently and most stubbornly of all I quit sugar and sweets. (3 weeks ago).

    Abdul H.
    CA CA
    Triple Impact Self Confidence part of regular routine now

    It's been 3 weeks since I start listening to these audios at bedtime and its definitely having some sort of positive effect on me. It is also very relaxing and helps one to fall asleep.

    Douglas B.
    CA CA
    Happy with Product

    I've been successfully using hypnosis for a very long time. I've quit cigarettes, chewing tobacco and alcohol with it. I've now tried MB's audio and decided to subscribe to the whole library. The main reason is the quality and length of the sessions. The effects used in the background of his smooth voice get the brain relaxed fast. This lets the message on the audio into the subconscious emotional level. Thus, for example, after a successful session an "urge" to chew or smoke tobacco becomes nothing more than a passing thought with no punch at all to it. I know good audio when I hear it and Mark's is that kind.

    Susan R.
    Mindfulness Meditation

    Very good. Mark’s voice is so soothing to me, perfect for a guided hypnotic meditation. Highly recommend. I received his weight loss CD in the mail yesterday. No doubt it will be just as good!