Increase Motivation – Self Hypnosis Meditation

By Mark Bowden

Increase Motivation – Self Hypnosis Meditation


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    Increase Motivation Self Hypnosis Session

    Mark's hypnosis downloads have helped 10's of thousands of people across the world to take their lives to a new level.

    Take advantage of the amazing potential of your brain and transform your motivation levels today.

    This self hypnosis audio download will help to increase your motivation levels by utilising the tremendous advancements of neuroscience and what we know about the human brain.

    Mark Bowden is a qualified, ensured and experienced clinical Hypnotherapist who has offices in Plymouth and Harley Street in London and he is passionate about helping people to move their lives forward and live lives that are highly fulfilling and enjoyable.

    How this hypnosis session helps you to increase your motivation

    This particular session on helping you to increase your motivation levels works by utilising hypnosis / hypnotherapy in combination with some of the latest and best research in the field of motivation. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy from the perspective of gaining a positive outcome, is no longer a mystical field. Through the advancement of neuroscience and research into the brain, we know exactly what we are looking to achieve through this process.

    Just like you would train a muscle at the gym to get stronger, hypnosis and hypnotherapy helps to condition your thinking in certain beneficial ways (in this case to increase motivation). We know that our thinking influences our behaviour and our physiology. Thinking even creates stronger neuropathways in our brains that ultimately all future thoughts and future behaviours to become automatic.

    So by listening to this session often we can literally condition you to automatically be more motivated and have high levels of motivation as a natural part of who you are

    Research utilised in this hypnosis audio session to increase motivation

    Along with the hypnosis and hypnotherapy that is the basis of all of my hypnosis sessions, I have also combined this with some powerful studies to further assist in this process. Just two of these studies are as follows.

    First of all the simple relaxation process which is accepted to reduce stress levels. We utilise this in the session as research from Suzanne et al, 2007 showed that people who are stressed had less self control than those who were not stressed.

    The next piece of research that is integrated into the hypnosis session is research by Ulke et al, 2007 that showed you are trying to achieve rather than the task itself you are more likely to be motivated to do the task and achieve what you wish to do.

    There are lots of other pieces of research that form the metaphors, the language and indeed the approach of this session that makes it such a powerful session for increasing your motivation. I don't rely on what might be a good technique. I look into the very best and the proven techniques and infuse them into my hypnosis sessions to make sure they are the best, most powerful and most effective out there.

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    See for yourself today, within moments you can simply download, listen and relax your way to more motivation!

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