Phone Sales Confidence – Self Hypnosis Audio

By Mark Bowden

Phone Sales Confidence – Self Hypnosis Audio


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    Phone Sales Confidence Self Hypnosis Audio - Be Confident at Telesales and other calls

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    • PERFORM YOUR BEST AT WORK Working at a call centre can be stressful with the constant talking and the goals you have to meet, but with this self hypnosis session, you can help yourself work harder, smarter and with greater levels of confidence in your ability to succeed
    • REDUCE PHONE ANXIETY If you have anxiety over talking on the phone, naturally working at a call centre might be difficult for you. With this hypnosis, you can navigate through your job duties with confidence
    • EFFECTIVE AND SAFE This guided meditation is a testament to the proven efficacy of hypnosis and is sure to help you gain confidence in the workplace without any effort
    • MOTIVATIONAL YET RELAXING AUDIO This self hypnosis audio is soothing and relaxing to listen to in order to help calm you down in the moment and leave you feeling confident, motivated and inspired when it is over
    • REFUND GUARANTEED If you find that your work performance or your confidence to do the job has not improved, we will refund your entire purchase with no questions asked


    It seems that as soon as you hang up on one call, another call is always coming through immediately, leaving you little time to get yourself together, recover from the last call or perform at your best during the new call. With each call you may feel your motivation slipping, and you may feel agitated because you aren't getting all of your work done or hitting the goals that are set by your company.

    Being a call centre agent requires a lot of letting go and being in the moment, but that can seem nearly impossible in those high stress environments. With this Phone Sales Confidence Self Hypnosis Audio, you can help yourself perform better at your job by keeping yourself motivated and focused.


    Hypnosis is a proven method of helping you become more confident at work, and this Phone Sales Confidence Self Hypnosis Audio is no different. These sessions will help you change the way you think at work, leaving you to feel more motivated and capable. After listening to the Phone Sales Confidence Self Hypnosis Audio, you may experience:

    - Confidence when communicating

    - Confidence for making sales pitches

    - The ability to stay in the moment on each call

    - The ability to calmly speak even if the last call was stressful

    Try the Phone Sales Confidence Self Hypnosis Audio and improve your job performance today. Once purchased, you will receive an email with your Phone Sales Confidence hypnotherapy download attached. You will also gain access to your purchase(s) through the Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.