Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence

By Mark Bowden

Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence


Get access to 8 different time options. Choose the 1 hour option all the way up to 8 hours depending on how many hours of sleep you would like.

When you purchase this session you’ll get the MP3 Download links AND access through my exclusive app.



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    Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence Self Hypnosis MP3 & App - Improve Self-Confidence Overnight

    You will receive the hypnosis downloads AND access through the apps.

    • OVERFLOW WITH CONFIDENCE Eliminate your self-conscious habits that keep you feeling reserved and uncertain and instead open yourself up to a world of social and professional comfort and achievement
    • PROVEN EFFICACY Hypnotherapy is recognised as a valid, effective way to help rewire the brain's subconscious thought patterns safely and quickly, so that you can get back to living your best life
    • EIGHT TIME OPTIONS Choose from simple hour-long sessions or longer eight-hour recordings depending on how much sleep you plan on getting to ensure a greater chance of success
    • RELAXING AND EFFECTIVE Fall asleep listening to the soothing hypnosis program night after night and wake up feeling refreshed with a boost of confidence to keep you going all day
    • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Not everyone responds the same way to hypnotherapy, and if this MP3/app is not effective for you, you can get a 100 percent refund


    Whether you find it difficult to interact with friends and love interests or feel inadequate in the workplace presenting new ideas, low self-esteem can really hold you back in a number of ways.

    Feeling this way about yourself isn't a fault of your own like so many seem to think. Factors such as stress, negative experiences, sickness, poor body image and societal pressure can leave you feeling less than perfect or inadequate. But, through the power of sleep hypnosis, you can help yourself find those “lost parts” of you and show them off confidently to the world.                 


    Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence is an MP3/app delivered self hypnosis program, file designed to retrain your brain's habit of producing negative thoughts that hold you back and make you see yourself poorly. By listening to this relaxing, soothing self hypnosis for one to eight hours a night, you can rewire your brain effortlessly while you sleep.

    After each session of the Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence, you will wake feeling:

    - Less stressed and bogged down by harmful thoughts

    - More positive and optimistic about your life

    - More energetic and confident to do the things outside of your comfort zone

    - More able to trust in yourself and your inner voice to carry you through tasks with confidence


    The Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence MP3/app was put together by professional hypnotherapists who are skilled in training the brain to remove its own blocks, so that you can feel better about yourself. In the event that this self hypnosis doesn't work for you, you can get 100 percent of your purchase refunded, giving you peace of mind over your next hypnotherapy session.

    You owe it to yourself to feel more confident and get the most out of life, and with the Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence audio session, you can. Order this MP3 today and listen to it on any device to begin reaping its benefits over time. 

    Once purchased, you will receive an email with your Sleep Hypnosis to Improve Confidence hypnotherapy download attached. You will also gain access to your purchase(s) through the Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.