Stop Overthinking: Calm Your Overactive Mind

By Mark Bowden

Stop Overthinking: Calm Your Overactive Mind


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    Stop Overthinking: Calm Your Overactive Mind Self Hypnosis / Guided Meditation (Triple Impact)

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    Stop Overthinking: Calm Your Overactive Mind Self Hypnosis - Stop and Smell the Roses with this Audio

    • OVERTHINKING CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE When you second guess yourself at every turn or regret every word you say; when you constantly think of what you could have done differently in the past or plan every detail of your future, you can miss out on the joy of living in the moment
    • EASE YOUR MIND WITH HYPNOSIS By using this audio, you can help change the way your brain responds to stresses and daily interactions, so that you can more confidently go through life without overthinking every little thing
    • HYPNOSIS WORKS This tape was designed by a professional hypnotherapist who understands the ins and outs of the human mind and how to train it not to worry so much
    • EASY ACCESS ANYWHERE These audio files come with a free smartphone app that lets you take it with you no matter where you go, so you can listen any time
    • IT WORKS OR ITS FREE If this tape does not affect you in the way that you hoped, you can get a total refund on your purchase


    Do you find yourself thinking about every little detail that might happen in the future, including all of the bad outcomes? Do you stress about the things you said to a friend or lover, agonizing over every little detail of the conversation to see if you went wrong somewhere? Do you find yourself feeling paranoid about what the people around you are thinking about you all of the time? These types of irrational and detrimental thoughts are all a part of overthinking, and truly, it can become exhausting in no time.


    Overthinking is something that you may feel you have no control over, but that is not the truth. With self hypnosis through Stop Overthinking: Calm Your Overactive Mind Hypnosis, you can stop your brain from going a mile a minute with all of the possibilities of things that might have or still could have gone wrong. This tape is made to help improve your life by:

    - Reducing anxious thoughts about the details of the future

    - Relieving you of anxiety over the things you said or did in the past, whether recent or distant

    - Reducing your feelings of self-consciousness and paranoia about the way that you think others perceive you

    - Providing you with the ability to live in the moment and stop stressing all of the time


    We understand that hypnosis does not always affect people the same way, and while we are confident that the Stop Overthinking: Calm Your Overactive Mind Hypnosis audio can work for you, if you are dissatisfied with the results in any way, you can get your money totally refunded.

    Take a minute to stop and smell the roses by releasing yourself from those exhausting thoughts. Try Stop Overthinking: Calm Your Overactive Mind Hypnosis today.

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