Stress Relief – TRIPLE IMPACT – Self Hypnosis Meditation - Mark Bowden

Stress Relief – TRIPLE IMPACT – Self Hypnosis Meditation

Stress Relief – TRIPLE IMPACT – Self Hypnosis Meditation



Stress Relief: Condition Yourself to Manage a Stressful Life

Mark Bowden's Triple Impact Series changes everything and takes hypnosis downloads to a whole new level.

Hypnotherapy has been a very impactive tool for implementing positive changes for some time. Indeed, my own products have helped to transform thousands's of people's lives.  I've received many emails from people all over the world saying how my hypnosis downloads have changed their lives.

I have no doubt that if you purchase one of my regular recordings you will get a huge amount out of it and it will positively impact upon your life. However, life and the world moves forward. As does our knowledge of the brain. As cheesy as it sounds I want to change the world for the better. I want to get people firing on all cylinders and positively help people in their lives in the most impactive way that I possibly can. I have produced this new Triple Impact Series with the help of Neuroscientists as well as Clinical Psychologists to bring you something very special, that targets improvement depending on your state of mind immediately before listening.