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Stress Relief – TRIPLE IMPACT – Self Hypnosis Meditation

Stress Relief – TRIPLE IMPACT – Self Hypnosis Meditation


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    Judith S.
    GB GB

    Stress triple impact

    Very calming. A great asset

    Ashley Bowers

    Miracle for me

    Best self hypnosis app ever! I have tried many and none have ever worked for me like this. There are lots of different topics. So far I have used the Overcoming Anxiety and I love that you can download them plus they last for a month then you can do it again. Then you get that there is a daytime session and a night time version. #selfhypnosis

    Sean H

    I was skeptical but now have hope for this - pleasantly surprised

    I have always had a lot of stress, anxiety and anger issues. I've been telling myself for ages i want to try something like this but always procrastinated to the max. Today i finally sat down and just went through with it and one little 30 minute session shocked me. Kind of like meditation which i do sometimes this let me relax and dive into myself while letting my mind wander. However this time around i actually think it did me lots of good. i want to do this a few times a week for a few months now and see if it has any long lasting effects but if its anything like the one i've done so far it should be interesting. After finishing i feel like i've been too harsh on myself and not letting myself enjoy anything, instead i workaholic mode through life trying to fix what i perceive as broken vs just accepting what around me is actually good and if i have it made or not mentally. I definitely feel my life may slow down for once and let me enjoy it, i know sounds far fetched but this will make you think about what you have, you didn't know you should already be cherishing.

    Dottie A

    Stress Relief Triple Impact

    I love this session. I wake up in the morning with a great - "get it done" attitude! So grateful to Mark for his sessions.


    Stress Relief Self Hypnosis Audio Session (Triple Impact)

    You will receive the hypnosis downloads AND access through the apps.
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    Watch the video below which is an introduction into the stress relief self hypnosis session.

    1. Introduction to the Triple Impact Series

    2. The Science Behind the Triple Impact Series

    3. The Calming session

    4. The Intensive Session

    5. The Affirmation Session

    6. How to Use the Sessions


    I use these audio sessions when I have a few moments a day to regroup and relax.

    They are absolutely brilliant. Really enjoy the hypnosis and find it very easy to get relaxed and receptive.

    Mark and the audio hypnosis sessions are excellent. Brilliant customer service and great advise and guidance given by Mark. 5 star service!

    Suzanne Katz


    I've used Mark Hypnosis audio sessions for relaxation, help with anxiety and depression.

    It has been a really positive experience, hypnosis has acted as a support for me in difficult times and is something I use to help me cope with everyday life.

    The customer service is great, whenever I have a query I always get a swift response and whatever it takes to resolve it will be done.


    Stress Relief: Condition Yourself to Manage a Stressful Life

    Mark Bowden's Triple Impact Series changes everything and takes hypnosis downloads to a whole new level.

    Hypnotherapy has been a very impactive tool for implementing positive changes for some time. Indeed, my own products have helped to transform thousands's of people's lives.  I've received many emails from people all over the world saying how my hypnosis downloads have changed their lives.

    I have no doubt that if you purchase one of my regular recordings you will get a huge amount out of it and it will positively impact upon your life. However, life and the world moves forward. As does our knowledge of the brain. As cheesy as it sounds I want to change the world for the better. I want to get people firing on all cylinders and positively help people in their lives in the most impactive way that I possibly can. I have produced this new Triple Impact Series with the help of Neuroscientists as well as Clinical Psychologists to bring you something very special, that targets improvement depending on your state of mind immediately before listening.