Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks Self Hypnosis Audio - Mark Bowden

Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks Self Hypnosis Audio

Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks Self Hypnosis Download

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Very Calming

Miss S J Misselbrook

Found that after just 5 days use twice daily could already feel little benefits and feeling able to bring small things into context

Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Naturally condition yourself to overcome anxiety in your life with this self hypnosis audio from Mark Bowden.

Get all of the benefits in life that comes with overcoming your anxiety and panic attacks.

I feel calmer already!

Well i cant believe it, have been very anxious lately, BP is quite high, yesterday and the day before 180/90 ! last night i did the guided relaxation, i slept well, and took my BP this morning and its 140/70 fantastic, will definitely keep doing this, anxiety wise i feel calmer already!

Sue Smith

I would absolutely recommend him

It's only been 5 days since I made the decision (once again) to take my life back under control from an issue that's been eating me alive for 10+ years. Every other attempt has usually been accompanied with cravings and constant thoughts I had to fight off. I think I was blessed to come across his hypnotherapy because it's almost weird how little I think or worry about it at the moment. I've listened to many meditations, hypnosis sessions and have done extensive therapy (in and outpatient) but it always felt like a fight. I've had these on repeat nightly since Monday and I have to say it's like a switch has been turned on or off in my brain! I truly hope this effect is lasting as it's literally saving my life! I would absolutely recommend him to a friend and I plan on purchasing further sessions once I feel stabilized enough with the current issue!


Kay Yakimova

Mark’s sessions have been brilliant.

They’ve helped me through a very stressful trauma when I was suffering anxiety and associated sleeplessness; listening to the sessions alleviated the overwhelming negative symptoms and helped me to get a proper night’s sleep! I can’t recommend him enough 😊

Rachael Lewis

It works!

Thank you Mark I have been listening to your Anxiety recording for a week and it works!

I've played the guitar on and off for 25 years I love it but I then stop playing because I've constantly told my self that I'm rubbish and I'll never be any good at it, so I don't move forward I don't improve.

January I started guitar lessons and my anxiety rocketed to the point that I was scared of the guitar and couldn't pick it up in my hands. ( I have a lovely guitar tutor too very patient)

Then I contacted Mark, I just sent an email to see what he recommended, I only expected a quick reply but no, Mark was so attentive and sweet and answered my questions with so much care and gave his time to point me in the right direction.

Within 3 days of listening to the Anxiety Hypnosis recording I picked up the guitar and in my mind the door opened and the energy and the emotion and the creativity you need to play just flowed out. I can play the guitar again but better and I enjoy playing it so much more!

The voice that told me 'you can't play the guitar ' has gone !!!

My creative mind is now saying..... what shall I learn to play next ?

The real test will be when I have another lesson x thank again x Ali

Ali Sweaney

Very Calming

Very calming. Found the explanation of why panic/anxiety attacks happen also brought everything into perspective. Found that after just 5 days use twice daily could already feel little benefits and feeling able to bring small things into context

Miss S J Misselbrook
What was the problem you were experiencing before listening to Mark's audio session?
How did this change once you started using the hypnosis sessions?