Be More Charismatic Self Hypnosis Audio - Mark Bowden

Be More Charismatic Self Hypnosis Audio

Be More Charismatic Self Hypnosis Download

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I love the Mark Bowden CD's

June Burr

I can really switch off to everything else and just listen and relax, I would definitely recommend.

Be More Charismatic

Naturally have more charisma in your life with this self hypnosis audio from Mark Bowden.

Get all of the benefits that being more charismatic gives us.

Have helped me a lot!

Very relaxing recordings! Have helped me a lot!

Peter Ravensteijn

This hypnosis technique really works.

His backup support has also been amazing.

Philip Powell

I would highly recommend giving his hypnosis a try.

I have used several of Mark's hypnosis sessions on relaxation, stress management, and overeating. These have really helped me focus on calming my mind, and eating for health. The hypnosis is very relaxing, and helps me sleep better at night. Then, the suggestions kick in during the day, and I feel much more in control of my emotions. I would highly recommend giving his hypnosis a try.

Renee Bress

Absolutely brilliant

Boy do I ever LOVE your Stress Relief audio, Mark. Absolutely brilliant. First hypnosis audio I have ever heard that works. I do shamanic trance work very regularly, and yet you are reaching me in a way my own work cannot. I have ordered another of your programs to see how that does with another issue of mine. Just writing to express mega-appreciation!

Ken Mitchell

Mark’s sessions have been brilliant.

They’ve helped me through a very stressful trauma when I was suffering anxiety and associated sleeplessness; listening to the sessions alleviated the overwhelming negative symptoms and helped me to get a proper night’s sleep! I can’t recommend him enough 😊

Rachael Lewis
What was the problem you were experiencing before listening to Mark's audio session?
How did this change once you started using the hypnosis sessions?