Sleep Hypnosis for Anxiety Reduction – Guided Meditation for Anxiety


Mar 03
Guided Meditation for Anxiety
Reading Time: 8 minutes

Begin by finding a comfortable position to rest in. If there are any final adjustments you need to make, any last-minute small movements, to make sure that you can feel completely settled, then make those now. Know that this is your time to deeply rest, and set the intention to put one hundred percent of your energy into being here. There is nothing else you need to be doing, nowhere else you need to go… there are no other obligations to fulfill, no people to please, or tasks to complete.

Relax Completely

This is your own time for you, for your relaxation and well-being. Know that there is no right or wrong way to relax… you can continue to follow my voice, or you can just drift away… know that whatever happens is exactly what you and your body need today. So let yourself enjoy this restful time for yourself, knowing that there is nothing to worry about… now it is time to relax completely.

As the body becomes more settled, notice how the limbs are getting heavier and the breath is slowing down. Each time you exhale, the body becomes heavier and sinks more deeply into the surface beneath you. Imagine that you are lying outdoors, somewhere safe and comfortable and that you can feel the earth underneath your body. Knowing that you have the support of the earth, you are able to let go even more with every exhalation, feeling the earth supporting you as you relax more and more deeply.

Deep Exhalation

Watch as tension unwinds from the muscles and the body melts into the earth… deeper and deeper with every exhalation. Bring the awareness into the feet, and feel the muscles in the feet letting go and releasing… and the ankles, feel the ankles relax… and the legs… the lower legs… the knees… the thighs… the hips… all relaxing and letting go.

Mindfulness meditation concept. Meditating young woman. Yoga. Concentration.

The back of the body relaxing… the lower back… the middle back… the upper back… and the front of the body… the abdomen and the chest… The shoulders are relaxing and letting go… and the upper arms… the elbows… the lower arms… the hands… and the thumbs and each of the fingers…. all relaxing and releasing, sinking into the earth beneath you. Feel the head becoming heavy…. and the face becoming soft… as tension melts away from the forehead… the eyes… the cheeks… the nose… and the mouth… With every exhalation the body is relaxing, sinking into the earth, supported by the earth. With every exhalation, the whole of the body is letting go.

Release Anxiety 

Now take your awareness inside the body, and notice if there are any places where it feels like you are holding onto anxiety within the body… any areas of tingling or tightness or any kind of discomfort. Watch these places unwinding every time you breathe out, and feel the stored up anxiety releasing from the inner body and being absorbed into the earth beneath you. Feel the earth supporting you as with every exhalation any tension, anxiety or discomfort is released, and the body is able to relax even more deeply.

Relax Your Body and Mind

Breathing in and Breathing out

Watch the breath continue to deepen, and each time you inhale, feel the whole of the abdominal area expanding… then as you exhale, feel the abdomen releasing and letting go completely. Breathing in… the abdomen rises… breathing out… the abdomen relaxes. With your awareness of this gentle movement of the abdomen, each time you breathe in, mentally say to yourself “I am peaceful”, and each you breathe out, mentally say to yourself “I am relaxed.” Breathing in… “I am peaceful”… breathing out… “I am relaxed.”

Imagine your Favorite Place

Now imagine yourself in a situation where you feel safe and secure. You could imagine that you are in a favorite place, or remember a time from the past when you felt very safe. Or you could invent an imaginary situation where you would feel safe and secure. Become aware of this environment through all of your senses. Notice where you are and what you can see around you.

Are there are any sounds, smells, or tastes? Is there anything you can feel? Allow this situation to arise clearly and vividly, and feel the sense of safety and security that this environment brings you to begin to fill the whole of your body so that every cell is nourished with a deep feeling of safety and well-being.

sitting on a riverbank

Enjoy Peacefully Feeling

Enjoy this safe and peaceful feeling, knowing that at this moment all is well and that everything is okay… and now look around you and notice the different items in the space around you. One thing catches your eye, and you go over to it and take it into your hands. This is yours to keep as a reminder of the safety of the place, and you can remember it any time you need it, to recall this feeling of safety and security at any time you need to bring it into your life.

Imagine Colorful Flowers 

See yourself walking through a field of beautiful, colorful plants and flowers on a windy day. Although it is windy, it is not cold, and you enjoy the feeling of the airbrushing on your skin. The sky is blue and the warm sunlight beams down upon you. You watch the different plants and flowers swaying in the wind as you walk through them, and you notice the birds, insects, and animals that are also enjoying the place. As you walk along, you notice one flower in particular that catches your eye and draws you to it. You walk towards it, pick it, and hold it in your hands.

Feel Peace and Freedom

As you gaze at its beautiful petals, you remember something you have been feeling anxious about. It can be anything… big or small… but as it comes into your mind and you become aware of the worry, you feel the flower taking it out of your mind and into its petals. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blows the flower out of your hand, and the petals disperse into the air. As you watch them blow away, you feel the anxiety float away with them. The wind carries each of the petals out of sight, and you find yourself feeling lighter and more peaceful. As the wind continues to blow around you, you feel any remaining anxieties swept away, and as you continue to walk on, with each step you feel more peace and freedom.

Feel Stronger and More Powerful

You reach the edge of the field and see before you a path leading towards a pool of water in the distance. As you step onto the path, you notice the figure of an animal walking towards you. It is a strong and powerful animal, one that symbolises to you strength and courage, but you do not feel afraid of it. You watch in awe as it walks up to you, and you feel its magnificent, strong presence as it comes closer.

The animal stands in front of you, and as your eyes connect you feel a deep bond with the creature. Each time you breathe in, you feel the strength and power that radiates from the animal enter into your body, and you feel stronger, more present, and more at ease. As you continue to connect.

Build Confidence

Find The Cause Of Anxiety

You feel a communication begin between you, and you find that you can easily speak with the animal and receive its responses. Ask it whatever you want, get to know it, and listen openly to its replies. Now allow to arise in your mind something in your life that has been causing you some anxiety… a problem, a relationship, or a situation… something that you feel the animal’s strength and power can help you with… a situation that you wish to bring the power and strength of the animal into, to you to help deal with it.

Ask the animal for its advice on this situation… ask it what it would do, how it would approach it, or how it would go about finding the best solution… and listen to its reply, however it comes… whether as pictures, words, feelings, or more abstract impressions. Continue to feel the strength of the animal radiating into your body, and now watch as the animal shows you how to move through this situation with all the strength, power, and courage it embodies.

Wonderful Qualities Of Yourself

As you watch yourself navigate the situation easily, with strength and grace, you realize how natural this new way of responding to it feels to you, and any remaining anxiety melts away as you feel the power of the animal within you, and you know that this power will always be there when you need it. As the time approaches for the animal to leave, and as you say goodbye, you know that whenever you need to, you can remember the animal, and immediately access all of its wonderful, strong, powerful qualities inside yourself.

You continue to walk along the path and arrive at the small pool of water. The wind has died down and the water is now very still. You sit beside the pool and gaze at the water’s surface, and you watch an image appear upon the water of yourself approaching a situation in the future that you have been anxious about.

Positive Outcomes

You see yourself entering the situation, and then, to your surprise, you watch the scenario play out in the best possible way, with the most positive, happiest, and most peaceful outcome. Watch it in detail, as everything flows smoothly and naturally and you deal with any challenges with confidence and efficiency. As you see the event coming to an end, with everything going better than you could ever have expected, rays of sunlight pour onto the water surrounding the image with golden light.

Feeling Of Well-Being

One scene in particular from the event freezes upon the water’s surface… a scene which symbolizes to you the best and most positive outcome for the situation, and which fills you with a sense of calm around the whole event. Take a moment to examine this scene, and to notice all the wonderful qualities it contains… and then watch the scene become bathed in golden sunlight so that the golden light fills and surrounds every part of it. Feel this golden light radiate from the positive scene into your heart, and as your heart becomes filled with light, you are also filled with a feeling of peace and a deep sense of well-being.

Peaceful Feeling 

Sitting beside the pool, you feel the golden rays of sunlight bathing your body in warmth, and you feel peaceful and still. Notice where you feel stillness and peace inside your body… the areas that are calm and tranquil… and feel this peace and stillness expand into every single cell so that the whole of the body is filled with peace, calm, and stillness. Bathed in the golden light, there are no problems, no worries, just a wonderful feeling of calm and tranquillity. As you enjoy this calm and stillness, repeat to yourself mentally, “I am peaceful. I am relaxed. I am peaceful. I am relaxed. I am peaceful. I am relaxed.”


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