Sales Confidence Hypnosis – Sales Success is all in the Mind!


Mar 07

Sales Confidence Hypnosis - Sales Success is all in the Mind!

Two Leading Experts combine to help business owners and sales professionals everywhere achieve better sales results!

Mark Bowden - One of the worlds leading Clinical Hypnotherapists

James White - The UK's Leading Prospect Conversion Expert

James White, the UK’s leading prospect conversion expert and Mark Bowden, one of the world’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapists have partnered together to launch a range of new sales based recordings specifically designed to help sales people everywhere get better results! The recordings, which are available to download online provide insights and thoughts on some of the most critical sales areas such as dealing with rejection and how to have more confidence when selling on the phone.

One of mind condition sessions that we've produced in partnership

‘So much of the success we achieve in sales and business comes from our minds and how we approach a situation’ commented James who has been selling for over 20+ years and who works with service businesses to as a sales trainer and mentor. “It was clear to me from so many of the conversations I have with business owners that even with the correct resources and knowledge on how to interact with prospects, many people lack the confidence to really achieve the results they want. They let their fears and worries overcome them and this affects the way they engage with potential customers’. I wanted to provide those who are committed to achieving better sales results with resources that can help them and I know the impact that Mark has had on so many people all over the world.

Mark Bowden has become one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists and his recordings have helped over 100,000 people worldwide deal with challenges and issues they are determined to conquer. Mark through his recordings and phone app have helped consumers deal with difficult moments through effective training and coaching of their mind. It was therefore a natural move for Mark to focus on a business area that he knows himself a lot of people require help with. ‘I have known James for a number of years and I am aware of the passion he has for helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals get better results. When we discussed the type of areas that many have issues with, I knew that my recordings coupled with James’s knowledge could make a difference for so many business people worldwide. It is a real thrill for me to release these first 3 recordings and we have identified 3 other recordings which we will look to release in the next 6 weeks.

The first 3 recordings which focus on selling confidence, dealing with rejections and helping those who struggle when selling on the phone are available to download now at this link.

Through the partnership agreement James and Mark have put together though, all 6 recordings and all of Mark’s recordings can be accessed for just $15 per month via Mark’s subscription service. The recordings will condition your thoughts and your action to have more confidence and ultimately improve your skills within sales.

Through this relaxed conditioning process we can make condition this new confidence and these new skills to be an automatic and default setting to replace old unwanted and limiting beliefs.

Here are the first three sessions in the series to be released.

And these three are coming very soon!