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Better than live sessions with a hypnotherapist

Michael Kieda

After paying big money for live sessions with a hypnotherapist, I discovered the Mark Bowden recordings and find them to be extremely effective, and yes even more effective than live sessions because you can use them far more often and with much greater convenience than live sessions.

All sessions can be played on desktop AND with our exclusive app for Android and iOS


I've used Mark Hypnosis audio sessions for relaxation, help with anxiety and depression.It has been a really positive experience, hypnosis has acted as a support for me in difficult times and is something I use to help me cope with everyday life.The customer service is great, whenever I have a query I always get a swift response and whatever it takes to resolve it will be done.


I use these audio sessions when I have a few moments a day to regroup and relax.They are absolutely brilliant. Really enjoy the hypnosis and find it very easy to get relaxed and receptive.Mark and the audio hypnosis sessions are excellent. Brilliant customer service and great advise and guidance given by Mark. 5 star service!

Suzanne Katz

“Telling all my patients!”


Telling all my patients!

Lauren Ellie

Better Sleep Hypnosis Audio

Nearly everyone will go through a period of insomnia at some point in time in their lives. Whether it's caused by stress, a hectic lifestyle or a medical condition, insomnia can wreak havoc on your life.

Not getting enough sleep you of your ability to concentrate, can leave you irritable and grouchy and compromise your immune system. It can even lead to weight gain and increase your risk of developing serious medical problems.

Sleeping pills and herbal supplements can help some people get relief from insomnia, but with these treatments comes a risk for side effects and addiction.

Fortunately, there is a better way to ensure a good night's rest and put an end to tossing and turning. The Overcome Insomnia Hypnosis program has already helped thousands sleep better.

Fall Asleep Faster with Hypnosis

Overcome Insomnia Hypnosis is a powerful hypnosis session that can help you overcome symptoms of insomnia once and for all. It's a natural remedy also, as well as one that is scientifically proven. The program:

  • Quiets the subconscious messages that keep you up at night
  • Puts you in a state of deep relaxation that allows you to easily transition to rest
  • Allows you to sleep more soundly during the night to ensure that you get all the rest you require
  • Makes it possible for you to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed without that lingering groggy feeling that sleeping pills and herbs can cause

How Overcome Insomnia Hypnosis Works

Overcome Insomnia Hypnosis includes:

  1. A brief introduction that explains how to get the most out of the program
  2. Daytime hypnotherapy track
  3. Nighttime hypnotherapy track with alternate ending to use just before bedtime.

To get the best possible results, listen to either the day or night track daily. During the 30-minute program, just rest comfortably and listen to the recording. The hypnosis program will do the rest of the work! Many begin to notice a difference in their sleep right away, and the more frequently you repeat the program, the better the results will be.

The reality of Hypnosis for a great nights sleep

Now we know such much more about how the brain works we also know how hypnosis positively influences are hugely powerful brains. Forget what you may have heard from the world of hypnosis for entertainment. If you believe this then you will think that it just takes the click of a hypnotists fingers for you to fall soundly asleep.

In reality Hypnotherapy is not like this and in my opinion is much more powerful now we understand it more. To fall asleep fast using hypnosis we need to start conditioning your thoughts and your subconscious. Because of the relaxing nature of the hypnosis sessions many people report back saying that the hypnosis made the fall asleep quickly and easily the first time that they listened.

This is wonderful and the simple fact of getting used to falling asleep will condition you to have a better and better night's sleep.

However, think of this CD as like a fine wine! It gets better with age! Or at least the effects will get better the more that you listen to it. The real power in this CD is that the hypnosis will start to influence your thinking around sleeping. It will also influence your behaviour around sleeping. The more that you listen the more that that this influence will grow.

As you listen to the hypnosis it gradually improves the way that you think and feel about sleeping. Think of your purchase of this hypnosis session as planting a seed and every time you listen you are providing the seed with sunlight and rain water. Helping the effects and the impact to grow and grow. Conditioning you to overcome insomnia and naturally fall into a better and better night's sleep

Why Use Hypnosis?

Overcome Insomnia Hypnosis is the best solution for anyone who is having trouble sleeping:

  • It Works. Thousands have already benefited from Mark's program and are now enjoying a restful night's sleep every night because of it. Hypnosis is scientifically proven and endorsed by the British and American Medical Associations.
  • It's Safe. Hypnosis is a truly natural way of addressing insomnia. It doesn't cause any side effects, won't leave you chemically sedated or interfere with your ability to drive afterward.
  • It's Guaranteed. I guarantee all of my products and if you aren't sleeping better you can have a full refund

My commitment to your sleep and your life

As a Hypnotherapist I am absolutely committed to providing people with the very best tools to live the most fulfilling lives that they are capable of living. Many people don't realise just how amazing their lives could be until they overcome issues like insomnia.

Sleep is so important for everything that we do in life and I firmly believe that hypnosis is the very best remedy for overcoming insomnia that I have ever come across.

It's safe, it's natural and it's backed up by ever increasing studies about it's effectiveness.

Start Sleeping Better Tonight

Why spend another night tossing and turning when you can begin to get relief from insomnia today? Take the first steps toward improving your health and your overall well-being by addressing insomnia the safe, natural way. Download Overcome Insomnia Hypnosis now.