Self Hypnosis – (5 Steps to getting the most out of your audio session)


Mar 06

If you listen to my self hypnosis downloads or anyone else's wouldn’t it be great to maximise all the goodness that you can get from the session?

Listening to self hypnosis is a wonderful way to get so much more from life, but what I’m going to give you today is 5 simple steps to do, before you start listening to the session. This will put your mind and your body in the perfect state for getting the most out of it.

If you listen without doing the following steps you will still get a great deal out of your hypnosis session. However, if you take these steps first you will get your mind, brain and body into the perfect state to maximise its positive impact.

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Step 1 - Tame Your Primitive Mind

When you first settle down to listen to your self hypnosis, this can be the most difficult time. If you haven’t had a good day or you’ve got things on your mind it can be difficult to get the most out of your session.


When you’ve had the stresses or the dramas of the day the primitive part of your brain can be engaged. This can present in a number of different ways. Some of these ways can include feeling irritable or you might have racing thoughts. You might be experiencing something else that is equally negative.

When we are feeling stressed or anxious self hypnosis is a great way to get over this. However, if you can give yourself a kick start or a helping hand this will be even more effective from the very beginning.

What we need to do is to try engage the more productive part of the brain as much as possible from the very start of the hypnosis session. Even before you start listening to the audio session.

When you engage the intellectual brain from the very beginning of your self hypnosis session you start in a great place place and you’ll get a lot more benefit from it.

Indeed, when I work one to one with clients we have done some brilliant work before we get to the hypnosis part. My client is firmly in the intellectual part of the brain and feeling good.

Why is this good?:

Because they are primed and ready to take on and absorb the positive suggestions that are for their benefit.

The way that you can ensure that this happens when you are on your own is to simply focus your thoughts on positive things.

Of course you’re going to have days when you don’t feel good. Day’s where you’re not having the best of times. If this is how you are feeling, change your focus. Focus on something that you’re grateful for. Or focus on something that is going well in your life.

You haven’t got to spend a great deal of time doing this. Just allow your mind and your thought processes to become focused on this good thought to engage your intellectual brain.

It is something that only takes a few seconds to do but will leverage the positives from your self hypnosis session.

Step 2 - Trust in the Self Hypnosis Process

Hypnosis is a researched and proven way to make wonderful improvements in your life. However, it isn’t mind control. Contrary to what entertainers would have you believe. You have to allow the process to happen.

If you go into anything and think ‘I doubt this will work’ or ‘this is bound to be pointless’, then you are priming yourself to put up barriers and resistance.

It would be like going on a training course and putting your headphones in as the instructor is teaching the class. Needless to say this approach to your self hypnosis is going to hinder you at best.

If you can allow yourself to believe and trust in the process you won’t be putting up barriers to the process.

I’m not asking you to believe in fairy dust:

Self hypnosis is not fluffy, their are countless studies that demonstrate it’s effectiveness. So it isn’t like you are asking yourself to belief in fairy dust.

So trust in hypnosis and and let it take you and your mind on a wonderfully relaxing journey. You’ll get even more out of it when you do.

Step 3 - Think of a small improvement that you would like to make over the coming days or weeks.

This one is optional. If you’re listening to the session to simply relax then you can pass on this. However, if you’re listening to improve something. Maybe more confidence, improvement in a sport, to overcome anxiety. Then it is valuable to think of one thing that you would like to improve upon. You don’t need to have the answer of how you are going to do this. Simply have it in your mind just before you immerse yourself in the session.

Your amazing brain:

Your amazing brain is extremely resourceful and when you are in their wonderful state of hypnosis your brain can work on the seeds that you are planting without you even being consciously aware of it.

My personal favourite:

This is a personal favourite of mine. I like to always think of an improvement or something I would like assistance with before I begin my meditation. There is noting mystical about this. The power of the subconscious part of your brain is amazing and this can then help you to find solutions.

This subconscious part of your thinking will work in the background. It will be busily working away whilst you are simply listening to the self hypnosis session.

Have you ever had an idea that came out of nowhere? A spark of genius or a solution to a problem? This will be that amazing part of your brain and it’s great ability to find solutions and help you.

Step 4 - Immerse Yourself in the Self Hypnosis

There are obvious things that you can do such as making sure that you are comfortable. Making sure that you aren’t going to be disturbed by friends, family or your mobile phone.

I don’t think I need to go into how to do these. Once these are all in place now you are ready to immerse yourself in the session.

Of course there are going to be times where your conscious mind drifts off or you fall asleep. However, at least at the beginning of the process really immerse yourself in the directions of the voice.

Even if you do fall asleep there is no problem with this and you will still be getting some wonderful and positive results from your self hypnosis session. See my article on will self hypnosis still be effective if you fall asleep?

Listen to what is being said and follow the voice for as long as you can. This will ensure that you are completely immersed in the session.

Step 5 - Don't Worry

Am I doing it right? Nothing seems to be happening. I fell asleep, will it still help? I can’t stop my mind from thinking about other things.

Even the mere fact that your sitting or lying comfortably with the meditation playing will be having a benefit. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect. When you are worrying about these things, you start letting in the primitive brain again (see step 1) and this will hinder you.

Once you put all of these steps in place just do your best to relax and immerse yourself. To begin with you might find this difficult. However, like with anything it takes practise to get better. You might also have had a particularly difficult day and be finding it hard to tame that primitive brain.  Just accept this and do your best as your best is the perfect way to listen. second guessing or worrying that you aren’t getting it right is only going to be a hinderance!

So get yourself comfortable. Follow these steps and start to make those positive changes!

Make self hypnosis a regular part of your daily routine!

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