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Mar 05
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Self Hypnosis Downloads to improve your life

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Mark Bowden is one of the leading hypnotherapists in the field and his self hypnosis downloads have improved the lives of 1000's of people across the world to improve their lives and live their life to the fullest. He is a best selling author and the producer of the first inflight Hypnotherapy channel. This was produced in partnership with British Airways and has seen his self hypnosis downloads reach up to 13 million people around the globe each year. Mark has helped many people personally including celebrities, CEO's of large companies, professional athletes and premier league footballers. His practice is now on the prestigious Harley Street area of London.

As Mark often says to his client, this is not there to impress you, just to let you know that you are in good hands with his products and services. And as Mark Bowden also says "hypnosis and hypnotherapy are the best changer of human behaviour and circumstance that I have ever come across!"

Mark is always looking to improve and update his list of available sessions and is dedicated to assisting people to lead fulfilling and happy lives that take their enjoyment of life to a whole new level.

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Anger, Anxiety and Depression

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self hypnosis downloads for anxiety and depression.​​​When it comes down to the issues that we suffer in life, there are very few that cannot be put down to anxiety and/or depression. Even those that you think have nothing to do with anxiety or depression are most certainly made worse with these issues.

The really great news is that both anxiety and depression, as well as other related issues such as stress can be vastly improved by utilising the listening of my self hypnosis downloads as part of your daily routine.

Just some of the sessions that Mark offers are listed below. Check back regularly as Mark is always adding new sessions to help take your life forward.

Anxiety Relief
Overcome Depression
Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Overcome Anger Issues
Stress Relief
Stress Relief Triple Impact
Overcome Anxiety at work
Overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Overcome Postnatal Depression
Overcome Social Anxiety

Self Hypnosis Downloads for your Business and your Career

This is an area that I will be adding to substantially as I move forward. Many entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals have approached me and asked me to produce different self hypnosis downloads to assist them. There are certainly titles in other categories that will assist, however I have taken this on board and will be producing more sessions in this self hypnosis range very soon.

When it comes to this area I would like you to remember that everything that I do is based upon science and evidence. People will no doubt question titles such as 'More business opportunities' and 'more career opportunities'. However, there is nothing magical about this. The sessions are their to condition you to make opportunities happen, to identify solutions and a whole host of other things. All of my sessions are very solution focused and not reliant and just positive thinking (although positive thinking is an excellent thing to do). Remember Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!

The self hypnosis sessions ready for download now are:

Become a Natural Leader
Be More Assertive
Believe in Yourself
Creative Thinking
Improve Your Concentration
Increase Motivation
Increase Energy
More Business Opportunities
Overcome Anxiety at Work
Overcome Exam Nerves
Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
Productivity Mastery
Revision & Exam Success

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Confidence & Self Esteem

Improving confidence and self esteem is a perfect fit for my self hypnosis downloads. One of the real big factors that the sessions help you with is to condition your thinking. By conditioning your thinking, you then condition your behaviour. Then when you've conditioned your thinking AND your behaviour you'll start making long lasting changes and physiological differences to your amazing brain!

Since confidence and self esteem are so dependant on your thoughts and your behaviour my self hypnosis downloads in this particular category are extremely impactive! The self hypnosis sessions ready for down load under confidence and self esteem are:

Be More Assertive
Be More Charismatic
Believe in Yourself
Fear of Being Judged
Feel Better about Yourself
Increase your Self Confidence
Overcome Insecurity
Overcome Jealousy
Overcome Low Self Esteem
Overcome Shyness
Positive Mental Attitude
Positive Thinking
Self Confidence - Triple Impact
Stop Self Blame
stop Thinking the Worst
Sleep Hypnosis for More Confidence

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Fears and Phobias

Again, this area of my self hypnosis downloads could be a lot more substantial than it is. I am regularly being asked to produce all kinds of self hypnosis sessions for phobias. Spiders, heights and flying are perhaps the three most often requested audio sessions. I will be looking to add to these very soon also.

When listening to these sessions it is worth remembering (as with all of my self hypnosis audios) that it is important to listen often and regularly. sBy doing this you  condition your thinking. By conditioning your thinking, you then condition your behaviour and as this continues we can see some brilliant improvements.

Currently the list of self hypnosis downloads for fears and phobias is as follows:

Fear of Being Judged
Over come Fear of Driving
Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
Overcome Fear of Speaking in Groups
Overcome Fear of Flying - Triple Impact

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Your Financial Life

Again, it is worth reiterating here that everything that I do is based upon science and evidence. I am very much aware of things like the law of attraction and cosmic ordering. I do, however believe that we can put much of this down to the science of how the brain works. When we focus positively on what we want, we condition ourselves to be motivated to go out and get it. We also are more likely to see opportunities as the occipital lobe (part of our brain at the rear of our head), focuses your attention on what you are looking to achieve. As I have said before, luck is where preparation meets opportunity. By conditioning ourselves to be prepared in the right ways and focus on the right thing we are optimising our potential for great things to happen.

Take a look at the following self hypnosis downloads in the category of Finance:

Millionaire Mindset​

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Habits and Addictions

This is another of my self hypnosis categories that I am always being asked to produce more titles for. Do not worry, more will be on their way soon! It is also another area which lends itself brilliantly to the strengths of hypnotherapy and self hypnosis! Conditioning your thoughts and behaviours to a new and improved way of thinking!

​Give up Alcohol
Stop Smoking

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Pain Management

Pain is often there for a reason. It is to warn us of something that we need to know about. To stop you from injuring it even more and to get you to address the problem. Because of this you should always check with your doctor that the pain is no longer required. What happens when we are experiencing pain long term is that the connections in the brain become so strong that they continue sending the pain message long after the usefulness of the pain has gone.

These self hypnosis downloads for pain management will provide relief initially from the pain but will also start to assist you in weakening the neuro-connections of pain that are no longer required.

The hypnosis downloads available to assist with pain management are:

Chronic Pain Relief
Improve Posture
Period Pain Relief
​Relief from Arthritis
Relief from IBS
Relieve Lower Back Pain

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Personal Development

My self hypnosis downloads for personal development are a personal favourite of mine. As many people know I practice exactly what I preach and I try to make time everyday to listen to one of my self hypnosis audio sessions. More often than not I chose one from the following list and I always notice the difference when I do! Just as many of my clients both on and off line are looking to develop themselves. I am too!

The self hypnosis sessions under the category of personal development are the following:

Achieve your Goals
Be More Assertive
Become a Natural Leader
Believe in Yourself
Creative Thinking
End Procrastination
Improve Your Concentration
Improve Your Memory
Increase Motivation
Increase Your Energy
Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
Overcome Low Self Esteem
Positive Thinking
Productivity Mastery
Stop Thinking the Worst

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are an area where our brains and our thinking can either help us or massively hinder us. If we can start to focus more on things such as your strengths, your confidence and your self esteem in these areas and at the same time reducing your anxieties and your hang ups we can have a huge impact on helping you to enjoy fantastic relationships. More audio sessions will be produced in this category soon. If you have any thought on sessions that you'd like to see here please do not hesitate in dropping me a message through the contacts page.

Take a look at the following self hypnosis sessions that I offer in the are of relationships:

Confident dating
Feel Better about Yourself
Move on from a Past Relationship​

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Relaxation

Ready for some serious relaxation for your mind? When we want to relax and unwind we often reach for the bottle of red wine. Sometimes we might treat ourselves to a spa break. maybe even a massage to untangle those muscular knots. A relaxing massage for your body is a wonderful experience to relax. What about a relaxing massage for your mind? This is how I like to refer to these sessions. It's like a vacation for your mind, a mental massage that helps you recharge your batteries and get you back to being YOU again. These sessions are amongst my personal favourites. I often find myself returning to these as part of my daily routine.

The self hypnosis downloads in the relaxation category are:

Beach vacation Relaxation
Guided Relaxation
Mindfulness Meditation​

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Sexual Issues

Whilst sexual issues can be to do with physical issues it is usually your mind that is holding you back. You should, however always check with your doctor that there is not a physical reason why you are experiencing an issue. Our most powerful sexual organ is our brain. It can be the reason why everything is brilliant or everything is terrible sexually. These sessions help you to condition your brain so it is working for you rather than against you. Improving your sex life rather than inhibiting your sex life.

Once we can start conditioning your thoughts and subsequently your natural responses in a positive way we can get you firing on all cylinders once again!

The self hypnosis downloads that I offer in the category for sexual issues are the following:

Attract women
Awaken Female Sexual Energy
End Premature Ejaculation
Feel Better About Yourself
Female Sex Enjoyment
Increase Libido for Men
Increase Libido for Women
Sexual Performance Anxiety for Men
Stronger & Harder Erections

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Sleep

I currently only offer one self hypnosis download to assist with sleeping better. However this session has been one of my all time best sellers. It has helped many 1000's of people across the world get a better night's sleep. So if you are suffering from the effects of sleeping badly make sure that you check it out

Say Goodnight to Insomnia
Sleep Meditations

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Sports and Exercise

This is an area that I have become more and more involved with. I have worked with professional athletes in a variety of areas and now spend the majority of my time working with professional footballers. I have also published a best selling book which you will be able to find if you search Amazon. the book is titled: Use Your Game, raise Your Game: The Professional Footballers Guide To Peak Performance.

The psychological aspect of sports and exercise is becoming more and more recognised and it is an area that I am particularly passionate about. I also have another website that is particularly focused on this area that you may wish to check out https://TopForm.Global

The self hypnosis downloads that I currently offer in this category are:

Better Golf
Exercise Motivation
Improve posture
Increase Muscle Growth
Intense Workout Motivation
Running Mindset​

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Weight Loss

Weight loss is another area that my self hypnosis downloads are particularly suited to. Our brains are one of the most wonderful and powerful objects in the known universe. When we can condition ourselves to be healthier in our diets and be more physically active we can make great improvements to our waistline. Other factors such as feeling bad about your weight or the amount of fat that you are carrying can also cause you to actually reach for unhealthy options. Contrary to belief, feeling happier about your current weight but wanting to improve upon it is far more helpful than beating yourself up about your weight and trying to improve your fat loss.

Again, like with most things it is down to the way that our brains operate. When we feel down and unhappy we instantly want to feel better. Which is why the draw of high calorie foods or sitting around doing nothing becomes more and more powerful. These sessions will help you to feel better about yourself as you are now as well as incorporating improvements to help you towards your weight loss goals and objectives!

The self hypnosis downloads that I currently offer in the weight loss category are:

Eat More Fruit & Vegetables
Effective weight Loss
Mindful Eating
Stop Binge Eating
Stop Chocolate Cravings
Stop Sugar Cravings​

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Self Hypnosis Downloads for Well Being

Another one of my personal favourite categories. Who doesn't want a more positivity, happiness and wellbeing in their lives! These self hypnosis sessions are great for conditioning you to naturally feel better and have a great feeling about life in general!

Here are the sessions that I offer in this category:

Beach Vacation Relaxation
Guided Relaxation
Increase Your Happiness
Mindfulness Meditation
Positive Mental Attitude

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