Triple Impact Series – Self Hypnosis at the Cutting Edge of Science


Jul 16
triple impact self hypnosis

Triple Impact Series Brings Self Hypnosis into the Modern Day

Self hypnosis audio sessions have been the same for decades. Yet whilst hypnosis downloads and audios have stagnated, brain science most certainly has not!


Over the past 20 years our knowledge into the brain, through neuroscience has accelerated faster than at any time in history.

We now know much more about what is happening in the brain and we know more about how to get the best out of it.

As a Hypnotherapist I have been producing my sessions for many years. Reaching more than 100,000 people around the world in more than 50 different countries.

In this time I've partnered with British Airways to produce the first inflight Hypnotherapy channel, I've written a best selling book and I regularly receive emails about how my sessions have transformed peoples lives.

The most amazing feeling comes to me when I know that I've helped so many people. However, having an opportunity to assist people gives me an even bigger desire to help people in the most impactive way.

Because of this I am now able to bring people the most impactive self hypnosis sessions that I have ever produced. Created in consultation with neuroscientists and psychologists I've named my new self hypnosis sessions the Triple Impact series. 

... and this is what makes them so impactive:

1. Introduction to the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Series

Introducing The Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Program

my triple impact series was developed in close coordination with clinical psychologists and neuroscientists.

It embraces our latest understanding of brains behaviour. This has resulted in a three pronged approach for achieving the greatest impact.

This series is a groundbreaking succinct approach that takes self hypnosis and meditation to the next level and it does this by harnessing the most recent studies of the human brain, to achieve and maximise incredible results.

By utilising these advancements and this understanding it allows us to do three things very well.

Firstly it allows us to target the brain in exactly the right way at the right time.

Secondly it helps to speed up the process of making these changes and these improvements that you want quicker.

Finally it allows us to make these changes more powerfully and more effectively.

The Triple Impact series have three recordings and I'm going to take you through each of these in just a moment and exactly why they are so important. Before we do this I am going to take you through the science that makes the triple impact series so so impactive.


2. The Science Behind the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Series

The Science Behind the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Program

Meditation and self-hypnosis can be very effective at making some wonderful changes, however our understanding of these areas and how our brains operate is progressing more rapidly than at any time in history.I

t is because of these up-to-date developments that I produced what I've called the triple impact series and far from being a nice-to-have approach, this series brings self hypnosis and guided meditation up to date and into the present day. It uses the very latest developments and insights into what we know about the brain.

Within us right now there is an ongoing struggle occurring and this struggle is between two systems one is called the sympathetic nervous system and the other is the parasympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system produces your anxiety response when your brain thinks you're in danger it will be the sympathetic nervous system that takes more control. Releasing stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

The parasympathetic nervous system is what allows us to feel relaxed, confident and at ease.  Keep these two system in mind for just a moment.

When we make positive changes and improvements, this learning process takes place in the brain, no surprise here, but the actual process that is taking place is the linking of neurons in our brains.  These links are known as neuropathway. The more that you allow the hypnosis or the guided meditation to condition you, the stronger these neuropathways become.  Eventually the neuropathways associated with the new behaviour or the new way thinking becomes very strong.

So strong that your thinking and the way that you do things become a natural and automatic way that you behave and act.

Unfortunately trying to learn anything positive whilst we have the sympathetic nervous system engaged is near impossible. This is because your body and your brain are engaged in the fight-or-flight response. The parts of the brain that you need for learning new beneficial brain processes are running at a far reduced rates.

If you want to know what this looks like imagine reading a book or studying a foreign language when you're nicely relaxed and in a really good place... perfect!

Now imagine doing the same whilst an aggressive dog is barking at you just a few feet away. Now you aren't going to be learning very much. This is because when you're stressed or you're anxious the sympathetic nervous system closes down any brain functions that aren't immediately required.

They do this in favour of the stress response.

This all harks back to the Neolithic era when our brains developed a fight-or-flight response.  It was there to help our ancestors defend themselves against predators.  Even now, when you're stressed or anxious, many beneficial brain processes are paused.

Cell regeneration,  immune system recovery and other non urgent systems are the first to go. Instead it is the functions required to optimise your ability to escape from danger that are put into place.

However when we engage the parasympathetic nervous system we are priming our body and our brains for the long term.  We are relaxed and we're in control. We aren't worried just about surviving the next 20 seconds we are looking to improve ourselves, to thrive in life and our brains are now in the perfect state for learning.

... so this is the science in the background next I'm going to introduce you to the three sessions and how they work with the science that we've just spoken about


3. The Calming Session in the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Series

The Calming Session With the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Program

The first session is the calming session. It doesn't matter who you are there will be times in your life where you're a little more stressed or a little more anxious than normal.

As we've heard in the science video, when you're in this state we are not in the best state for learning and making positive changes. This session still focuses on making the improvements that you want but it also has a very large emphasis on relaxation.

Relaxation and meditation have so many amazing benefits on its own even when you aren't focused on a desired outcome. It is a wonderful state for the human brain and bodies to achieve. It is the reason why straightforward meditation has now become so popular.

On top of this meditation and relaxation there will be powerful words and metaphors sprinkled in to help you towards your desired outcome.

The calming sessions should be the first session that you do indeed listen to and you should return to this anytime that your stress levels are up. Remember that these sessions will still focus on the issue that you want to address but they'll have a strong emphasis on bringing your body and your mind into a more relaxed state, getting that parasympathetic nervous system more in control

4. The Intensive Session in the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Series

The Intensive Session in the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Program

The intensive session is for when you're already in a great place or you're already nicely relaxed. There will be times where you still want to listen to the calming session maybe you simply want to bliss out in complete tranquillity.  Even if you are in a brilliant place.

However, this is the most powerful session for implementing brilliant and long-lasting changes but do not be tempted to go straight for this session. Especially if you're feeling stressed or anxious.

We all know that we can go much faster in top gear in a car but if we select top gear straightaway you are not going to get very far.

Although this session is very relaxing it has a much stronger focus on the powerful messages and the metaphors for achieving your desire result.

5. The Affirmation Session in the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Series

The Affirmation Sessions in the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Program

The affirmation session is for when you have more time to yourself and you want to invest some of this time to enhance your process of improvement.

Think of this like a vitamin supplements or a protein shake. Affirmations add more positive influence and help you to create those beneficial neuropathways in your brain. This session will help you to accelerate quicker towards your desired outcome.

It does this with its influence upon you your life and indeed your brain. The affirmation session is a convenient addition that allows you to make positive changes at times where it isn't always possible to remove yourself from everyday. Or indeed it isn't appropriate to close your eyes without the possibility of being disturbed.

This might be times it's just during your daily commute on the train or when you're out for a walk. The affirmations then serve as a powerful top-up to strengthen the positive effects that are already taking place from the previous hypnosis sessions that you've listened to.


6. How to Use the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Series

How to use the Triple Impact Self Hypnosis Program

You are  only going to listen to one of the guided meditation hypnosis sessions once per day.

So you will either listen to the calming session or the intensive session depending on how you're feeling.

The calming session should always be your first point of call for at least the first three days and this can be a lot longer if you're still feeling stressed that anxious but certainly the first three days.

Not only with this session  more relaxing but it will also prepare you to get a lot more from the intensive sessions.

The affirmation sessions can be used at any time around this and there aren't any limitations.

You'll see that each of the hypnosis meditation sessions contain a daytime and a bedtime session this is simply for your convenience and you do not need to listen to both the daytime and the bedtime sessions.

`if you want to listen to your session and awaken feeling energised listen to the daytime session and if you want to go to sleep directly after listening, listen to the bedtime session. The sessions have the same content but different endings to facilitate either an energised return or a relaxing transition to sleep.

Also I highly recommend tapping the download function on the app so that you can listen offline. You can then go to your downloads tab at the bottom of the app and listen to the sessions. This way you can listen without the possibility of the sessions buffering or a phone call or message coming in and disturbing you.

Enjoy the sessions and I am absolutely positive that they will make a huge huge difference to your life